Trust us, you need these gadgets to get through (never-ending) quarantine

This is a good time to expand your home inventory and we’re here to help you through it

You may not have considered it, but many everyday tasks require tools or gadgets you probably don’t own yet. These objects can be simple—like a spatula—or more out there, like a molecular gastronomy kit. So before you find yourself in a situation where a regular first-aid kit or a manual back massager won’t cut it anymore, add some of these items to your home inventory now. You’ll thank us eventually! After all, when it comes down to it, investing in your home means investing in yourself.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor from Homecare Express

It’s important to monitor your blood pressure at home as often as possible, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. This will allow you to catch any dangerous spikes before they do too much damage, and thus reduce the risk of heart and stroke problems in the future. Get a blood pressure monitor now at Homecare Express by sending an email at

Electric massager

G-Mobile Plus and G-Beetle Pro Bundle from Gintell Showroom

You spend long hours working or studying in front of the computer these days, so it’s not uncommon to feel tightness and discomfort in the neck and lower back. You can always set an appointment with your physical therapist. But for those days when you are too busy or tired to do just that, having a massager at home will come in handy. Avail of this exclusive bundle of a G-Mobile Plus (neck and back massager) and a G-Beetle Pro (foot massager) from Gintell Showroom for only P34,800. You may pre-order now via its official Facebook page.


Golden Butterfly 2 from TailG Marketing E-bikes

Electronic bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they provide convenience when running errands or quick trips around town. They allow you to cover more ground than traveling on foot, help you save money on gas, and offer an eco-friendly alternative to driving a car. We suggest purchasing this Golden Butterfly 2 from TailG Marketing E-bikes now to enjoy P2,000 off its original price. For more information, contact the shop on Facebook.
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