Sitting workouts for the working stiff

There’s always time for exercise… even at work

Lower back pain, slouched shoulders and overall stiffness—the price of too many hours spent sitting in front of the computer to get work done. Sure, standing up and walking around is an option to prevent feeling sore and stiff, but sometimes we get so focused on our work that we don’t even realize the day has gone by without us moving a muscle except for our fingers on the keys and our eyes on the screen.

What’s the best solution then? Sitting workouts. One advantage is that we don’t have to get up while getting rid of any tightness and discomfort we’re feeling. Yup, we don’t always have to be on our feet to work out. Sometimes incorporating physical activities into our daily routine works best because it adapts to what has already become a habit. Here are some easy sitting workouts you can do ASAP.

Seated lateral trunk stretch

Here’s a quick and easy way to relieve back pain while seated. First, raise one arm over your head and slowly bend to the opposite side and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. Do the same with your other arm.

Arm circles

Time to work out your arms and shoulders. Sit up straight in your chair and stretch your arms sideways with your fingers pointing to the wall. Then do a series of forward and backward circles until you’re ready to work again.

Straight-leg circles

Don’t have time to run and do leg exercises? This easy sitting workout will help you a little. You can do this by straightening your knees out in front of you while sitting down and then circling your legs in the air. Make sure that you’re bracing your body to your chair so you have more balance and control.

Gluteal squeeze

Yup, we’re working out our butts, too. First, contract your hamstrings. Next, squeeze your gluteal muscles and hold it as long as you can. (Stop squeezing if you feel any pain!) Believe it or not, doing this can reduce lower back pain.

Wanna kick it up a notch and do more sitting workouts? Here’s a 20-minute workout you can do while seated.

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