Sashaying away to dance class is my new intense workout

Alexa, play Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

I admit—I hate working out and my soft belly can attest to that. I don’t do pushups, situps, curl-ups or whatever-ups. My only exercise is walking (and running, sometimes) and even that was taken away from me by the pandemic. 

But I’ve recently been feeling really lightheaded and heavy at the same time. And I suspect it’s because of a lack of physical activity. So I did some research on activities that can be considered exercise without doing all those intense workout routines.

Guess what I found? Yup, dancing. And I can definitely live with that. Here are some of my fave dance routines from the past week that you might want to follow, too.

Since it’s been a while since I worked out, I started with simple 3-minute routines. This was to make sure I wouldn’t experience muscle soreness and body pains.

When I felt like my body was already used to the stretch, I started following 15-minute dance routines.

I eventually looked for something more challenging and longer than 15 minutes so I tried doing 30-minute routines. TBH, I was expecting to be dead tired after each routine but it actually boosted my energy for some reason.

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