Planning to get dental braces? Check out these clinics

Also, what are dental braces and what exactly do they do to your teeth?

Misaligned, crooked and overcrowded teeth—these are some general reasons people get dental braces. They move, straighten and properly align teeth to enhance their appearance and function. They improve your bite and smile and get rid of teeth-related self-esteem issues.

It’s no secret though that they are usually expensive as hell (not to mention, high maintenance). So to help you a little, we decided to list the most common types of dental braces—and clinics that offer them. Now all you need to do is read up and decide which type suits your teeth best and where to get it. Thank us later!

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most conventional and probably the cheapest dental braces to date. They are made of a series of high-grade stainless steel wires and brackets, which are then attached to the teeth using orthodontic cement and elastic ties. Metal braces work best at fixing extreme overcrowded teeth. And if your issue is how they would look in your mouth, you can always customize them by getting colored elastic ties. Dentcare & Therabreath Center offers this type of orthodontics at an affordable price. Inquire now by calling (036) 268-8729 or emailing at

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces work relatively the same way as metal ones—except they are less visible and move teeth a tad slower than metal. They are usually clear and tooth-colored, which is ideal if you aren’t too fond of having metal wires attached to your teeth. A fair warning though: They require more care than metal braces as they are more fragile and slightly less durable. In case you want that clear aesthetic, you may request a quotation from D.F. Dacanay Dental Center by calling (02) 8470-4204 or emailing at

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are custom-made orthodontics placed at the back of your teeth. They are just as effective as regular ones and are most commonly used by musicians and athletes for two reasons: They are safer and don’t interfere that much with eating or talking (though they may potentially give you a slight lisp). Besides these professionals though, lingual braces are only suitable for people with normal-sized teeth and have no excessive bite problems. So if you’re wondering if these will work on you, you may schedule a consultation now with A New Way to Smile Dental Clinic by calling (02) 7577-4418 or emailing at

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