How to know if you’re dehydrated

You probably need water if you’re experiencing one of these things

Is it safe to assume you’re dehydrated if you have chapped lips and dry throat? What if there’s a drastic change in the color of your urine? Sure, these are common signs of dehydration. But what if your body decided to be cryptic today? That means you need to start checking your body for other signs like these

Bad breath

Saliva helps clean your mouth. When you’re dehydrated, saliva production lessens and your mouth becomes dry. This ultimately causes more bacteria to build up—thus, mouth odor.


Drinking water helps eliminate toxins from your body. Now if you’re dehydrated, your body will find other ways to cleanse itself. Dehydration causes sebum to thicken, which may result in acne.

Brain fog

Believe it or not, your brain cells need a lot of water to function properly. If you’re parched, your brain reacts immediately. You’ll find it hard to focus and be irritated the whole time. Also, your short-term memory functions won’t work efficiently. Basically, the “one functioning brain cell” meme will come to life.


Water helps soften stool. So imagine if you’re dehydrated, it might literally take you hours before you can leave the bathroom.


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