A helpful guide to taking care of teeth and gums

Take this as a sign to set an appointment with your dentist

Life as a kid had always been easy. We were simply told to brush our teeth three times a day or avoid eating too much sweets if we didn’t want the “tooth fairy” to take our teeth away forever. We remember following these rules diligently out of fear (except maybe for the few times we sneaked in chocolates before bedtime). But as we grew older, we realized that the “tooth fairy” we were so scared of was just a fictional character and that the only person who could actually help us with maintaining our oral health is the dentist.

Yup, as much as brushing our teeth or avoiding sweets are good oral practices, it takes so much more than that to achieve a healthy mouth. So check out these dental services and set an appointment, stat!

Oral cancer examination

We know most of you would probably run away upon the mention of “cancer,” but trust us, this is actually a very important screening you should undergo at least once a year. It helps identify potentially malignant oral lesions and treat them accordingly as soon as possible. Set a screening appointment now at North Dental Clinic in Cebu or Dent XP Dental Clinic for those living in Bacolod or Palawan.

Wisdom tooth removal

While it isn’t necessary in some cases, most people tend to have their wisdom tooth (or teeth) extracted, especially when there’s pain that comes with it or when teeth and gums become unusually prone to infection. Sudden discomfort in the jaw may also be because of a growing wisdom tooth. If you start experiencing any of these, we suggest getting your wisdom tooth removed immediately at B5 Dental Center.

Oral prophylaxis

Brushing your teeth alone won’t prevent plaque buildup. If ignored, it will harden to tartar that may eventually erode your teeth and create holes. Getting oral prophylaxis at least every six months will prevent this from happening. People with more severe periodontal issues, however, should get it every three to four months. This procedure may also prevent tooth decay. So if we were you, we’d get our teeth cleaned now at Dental Spa. You may even get a P500 gift certificate if you drop by the clinic and present the code #182.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral usually found in toothpastes that effectively gets rid of cavities. Most of the time though, the amount of fluoride in them isn’t enough to protect your teeth. So besides brushing your teeth daily, you may opt for a fluoride treatment at Uy Dental Clinic as well. The procedure will only last for a few minutes and should be done every three, six or 12 months, depending on your dentist’s recommendation. Reminder: Don’t eat or rinse your mouth for at least 30 minutes after the treatment to make sure your teeth absorb the fluoride.

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