Don’t wear glasses? 3 reasons why you need non-prescription eyewear

Your eyes need extra TLC, too

Staying healthy from head to toe is no joke. We’re often told to wash our hands and take our vitamins to boost our immune system. But in case you forgot, your eyes need care as well, especially since you’re most likely in front of a laptop or mobile device for hours.

Apart from prescription glasses (which you definitely need if your eyesight is getting bad), there’s non-prescription eyewear that can help you while doing everyday tasks. Here are three reasons why you need to invest in protective eyewear.

Blocking blue light

Non-prescription eyewear: EO Palette
EO Palette with Blue Lens UV 420 Lens Upgrade

If you use your laptop and phone a lot, wearing glasses with anti-blue light lenses may help lessen eye strain and prevent headaches. Research has shown that exposure to blue light might cause retina damage over time, so it’s best to protect your eyes and give them a break.

Going-out glasses

Non-prescription eyewear: The Shield
EO The Shield Protective Glasses

Since we’re now required to wear a face shield along with a face mask outside, you can use these protective glasses. This pair can block droplets, dust and other airborne particles. It can also be worn over prescription glasses without reducing your vision.

Make reading a little easier

Non-prescription eyewear: reading glasses
Readers RG Read 1909

Do you find yourself squinting a lot or getting headaches while reading? It might be time to get a pair of reading glasses. Over-the-counter types are okay to use short-term and if you’re farsighted. But if your eye strain and headaches are more than just sporadic bouts, you may need something long-term so it’s best to consult your doctor.

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