Work From Home: Essential Gadgets For Productivity

Having difficulty with the new normal workplace setting?

We totally understand you! All of us are on the same boat when it comes to riding out the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is trying to shift their homes into workplaces. But wait, you might be surprised to find out that your current gadgets are not entirely up for the task! Check out these work from home essential gadgets you need to have a more efficient setup.

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Huawei Matebook Pro

There is no need to say that a laptop is the very first essential gadget that you’ll need for the work-from-home setting. Your search for the perfect one is over because the creators of the P30 Pro, which wowed everyone because of its 50x SuperZoom lens, have come up with another impressive gadget.

The Huawei Matebook X Pro has the latest 10th Gen Core i7 processors from Intel and upgraded NVIDIA graphics. Its top distinguishing feature is the 3K FullView Display, which gives a massive screen view in vivid detail – perfect for reading company reports and writing your office requirements.

Using a laptop has never been this easy because it is equipped with a sensitive touch screen. This latest Huawei champ allows you to scroll, zoom, select, and interact with your colleagues efficiently and intuitively. This will allow you to navigate through websites effortlessly.

Particular with aesthetics? This chic and sleek laptop comes in stunning colors including the classic Space Grey and Mystic Silver. But if you want to stand out, you can opt for the elegant Emerald Green color. Take this ultra slim (14.6mm) portable gadget anywhere for a change of view while working. You won’t have trouble carrying it because it weighs only 1.33 kg.

Head to SM Cyberzone and get your hands on the latest Huawei MateBook X Pro!

PLDT Home Fibr

A high-quality laptop needs to partner with a fast WiFi network. Don’t you just hate it when your WiFi connection is too slow to even just visit Google and a few websites for work purposes?

We’ve got good news for you. The country’s biggest telecommunications provider, PLDT, has come to your rescue!

PLDT’s latest home WiFi plan is ready to help you live a full life at full speed. Say goodbye to your boss complaining about you not submitting your deadlines fast enough! With its fastest Fibr plan yet, the PLDT Home Fibr has up to 100 MBPS. When you upgrade your WiFi plan, you’ll even have unlimited browsing time.

Does it get better than this? Yes! If you apply for a PLDT Home Fibr plan, you don’t just get to browse the web for work. It also keeps you in check with everything from watching your favorite Netflix series to downloading the best games.

Visit a PLDT sales and service center at the nearest SM Supermalls for more information today.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

With most establishments being closed, including schools, working from home may also mean working with your family around. When working productively, you might be the type of person who hates distractions when you listen to your soothing music. Or you might be the type who needs to pump up the bass and volume on your favorite music playlists.

No matter what genre of music you are into, the Sony Noise Cancelling headphones are perfect for you. Shut out the world and listen to your songs while focusing on your presentations with Sony’s high-resolution audio and EXTRA BASS™ sound quality.

Its adaptive sound control automatically adjusts to whatever you do. Purchase a Sony Noise Cancelling Headphone and let it automatically detect what you’re up to—such as walking around the house for a quick work break. Let these smart headphones adjust ambient sound settings to suit your situation. Express yourself in a range of eye-catching two-tone colors including Ash Green, Blue, Black, Orange, and Red.

JBL Xtreme 2

It is obvious that your company will want to keep connected with everyone. This means having regular team meetings and group calls being organized. There may be times when you just get so flustered over online conference meetings because you can’t seem to hear what your colleagues are discussing. So what’s stopping you from purchasing a speaker?

Check out the JBL Xtreme 2! This award-winning Bluetooth speaker effortlessly delivers dynamic and immersive sound. It is equipped with a rechargeable 10,000mAh battery. That’s up to 15 hours of playtime!

On top of these, it has a convenient USB output for charging and a waterproof design.

Don’t waste time and take this portable speaker home today! Bring it anywhere around your house while in a meeting – to the living room, your kitchen, and in all corners of your bedroom. The JBL Xtreme 2 brings bold sound, wherever!

Key Takeaway

We all just want to survive working from home in this pandemic. When it comes to work from home essential gadgets and being productive, just visit SM Cyberzone!

We’ll be celebrating our annual Cybermonth this July to August so watch out for the best deals! Top tech brands like Huawei, JBL, Sony, PLDT, and many more are ready to service you in stores today.

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