Why our phones are (usually) more powerful than our PCs

How phones became an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives

The early days of modern phones

Even back in 2017, people were already wondering what the point was in owning a personal computer when most contemporary smartphones were fully capable of surfing the web, playing high-resolution media, running full office suites, setting up and teleconferencing meetings, and even playing the odd graphically-intensive game (or seven) eloquently. Ads for the original Samsung Galaxy S released in 2010 flaunted its ability to serve as a multifunctional, do-it-all device that kept the laptop at home; this was precisely what the iconic PalmPilot aimed to be, and given how much the tech community had wanted this going back decades to the Newton MessagePad launched in 1993, it was no surprise that the Samsung GT-i9000 was a roaring success and continues to spawn sequels to this very day.

I’m not much of a gamer (put down the torches and pitchforks, we can talk it through!), so I’ve never felt like I was asking too much of my phone, even though I’m very much in the minority with how many excellent games and gaming add-ons there are on the market. Sure typing out a presentation is much handier when you have a dedicated keyboard, but when you can pick up affordable Bluetooth ones, laptops become strictly optional.

Huawei Nova 5G from Boundless Zhichi New World

Trending, before trending became a thing

While smartphones were scarce just a decade ago, you can pick one up at just about any mall these days, though whether or not you can find a place that offers consistently good prices is another matter altogether. With smartphones being so ubiquitous, people have taken to extensively customizing them, going all out in adding personal touches to their aesthetic.

iPhone XS Max from Greentab
Vivo V11 from MobileWorks

We do a lot on these fancy little slabs of metal and glass nowadays because they can do a lot. Besides all the productivity bonuses, thanks to the  tech inside getting more powerful by the year, the software has gotten  smarter. With the right equipment, you can transform your boring old house into a smart home where everything from the television to the fridge to your security system can be controlled by a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

GoogleChromecast Gen4 from GameXtreme

Prelude to a cyberpunk future

Better yet, when having to keep the phone in hand gets to be too much trouble, smart watches and wireless IEMs with voice control make interfacing with them that much easier.

Realme Buds Q from Celltime

Given how much people rely on their phones and associated gear these days, it makes sense to keep them in tiptop condition. The ideal would be to send them back to manufacturers if things go bad, but that isn’t always an option. Thankfully though, there are competent alternatives.

Cellway Technologies Cellphone Repair

A new how (for if you drop your phone)

But hopefully no one needs to send theirs in for repair so often that they’d get to know their technicians’ life stories. There are many ways to keep your mobile in one piece, with some being more stylish than others.

Rocky 2 Sling Bag 10” from Halo

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