The fast gratification that technology provides makes it feel more imperative to remain connected with the things we feel passionate about, whether it is music, fitness, or fashion. And while “logging off” is necessary every once in a while, there are certain gadgets that could help make life more enjoyable and convenient.


Featured: Sony 1000XM2 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, Sony.

For people whose emotions are soothed or energized by music, having their favorite tunes on hand is necessary. When trapped in a crowded train during rush hour, a chill R&B jam can help lessen the stress and the feeling of helplessness. Or maybe a meditation app can help them imagine being in a more comfortable space, keeping them from snapping at their fellow commuters.

Style Maven

Featured: Apple Watch Series 3, Power Mac Center.

Accessorizing is a subtle way of finishing a look, and wearable technology has long been part of that. Though those big men’s watches with leather straps remain classics, the sleeker looks of smartwatches make for a more contemporary style of pulling together an outfit. They also come with added benefit of multiple apps that you can tinker around with.

Business Sense

Featured: Samsung Gear S3 watch, Samsung

Young folks with their eye on the top of the ladder know the importance of getting ready and staying ready. A smartwatch that helps them keep track of time—so they would never be late for an appointment—is an essential everyday tool, and apps that notify them of text messages and calls make it even more important. It also helps if the gadget looks like what a top executive would wear.

Health Buffs

Featured: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, Samsung.

Knowledge is power, and knowing how many steps you make in a day can provide powerful motivation to push even further. Health buffs understand the importance of tracking their development, whether in their sports of choice or just their overall physical condition, so a tracking device that helps them get to know their bodies better is invaluable.

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