Ultimate Guide to Awesome Mobile Food Photography

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Everyone loves to eat and these days, having a well-curated Instagram feed is a way to freely express oneself. With cameras in every phone, it’s just so easy to share our food adventures with the world, inviting anyone to indulge with us online. 


Maintaining an impressive profile helps you gain followers and establish a great social media presence. Improve your Instagram game and create a better foodstagram by checking out this simple and easy-to-follow food photography guide. Here are four simple rules and tips to get Insta-worthy photos every time.

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1. Lighting is everything.


In order for you to capture all the mouthwatering details of your food, you need to have good lighting. The best way you can do this is to use natural light. However, when natural light is unavailable, you can always opt to post-edit it using an app. Download Adobe Lightroom on your phone and create incredible photos that you can share. No need to edit on a desktop since Adobe Lightroom now comes in a mobile version.  You can digitally enhance the lighting, add more color, increase brightness, sharpen, and more – anywhere, anytime!



Aside from being a photo editing app, Adobe Lightroom also has a pro camera feature that allows you to take photos just like with a DSLR. You can manually adjust certain elements of your shot like the white balance, ISO, and exposure. This makes it easier to capture masterpieces on your phone.

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2. Try different angles.


Different food and dishes are best photographed in different angles. You may want to try a straight-on angle if you want to simply present your order. This angle also emphasizes the height of the food so it’s more suitable for “tall” dishes like burgers or sandwiches. You can also do a close-up shot of a special ingredient or an interesting detail. Taking a top view flat lay photo allows your followers to quickly get a glimpse of everything on your table. Whichever angle you choose, let your photo induce cravings and entice them to visit the restaurant. 


Practice taking different angle shots at a cafe like Satchmi. You won’t get any bad shots because their menu offerings are just so scrumptious to look at. Their appetizing food can also be paired with deliciously crafted coffee with picture-perfect latte art.

Visit Satchmi at SM Megamall.

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3. Try an accessory… or two!


From macro lenses that give close-up shots, to fisheye lenses that provide unique wide-angle views, you can step up your mobile photography with a simple clip-on accessory. Be sure to also get a steady shot with a compact mobile tripod you can carry around with you everywhere. Present your food from a different perspective with these accessories that you can buy at any SM Cyberzone!

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4. Don’t forget about other elements in the frame.


In food photography, you must learn to highlight the subject without disregarding the other elements in the frame. See to it that you cut off distracting background and props that don’t go well with the whole image. Let your food be the star of the show.


Looking for another Instagrammable restaurant? Buku-Buku Kafé is an art cafe with mural walls and interior designs that complement their beautifully plated dishes. Your food photos are instantly styled here without the background stealing the spotlight. 

Visit Buku Buku  Kafé at SM Southmall and SM City Dasmariñas.


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