It’s the start of a brand new year and it’s got us feeling all kinds of giddy with the goals we have in mind. Want to stay on track and organized to achieve these goals? Well we’re going to give you a list of some #CyberzoneApproved gadgets that are sure to help.

1. Bose’s QuietComfort Headphones

Need to concentrate on that workload piling in front of you? It’s time to plug the headphones on and shut the world off. With advanced noise reduction technology, crisp sound for your work soundtrack, and comfy ear cushions that give you an extra level of silence, Bose’s QuietComfort is the perfect companion to get you in the zone if you’ve got papers to finish and presentations to prepare.

2. Avantree’s Desktop USB Charging Station

We’ve finally found a solution to the mess – not to mention, the hassle – of wanting to charge all your devices in one go. We’d like to thank the tech gods for blessing us with Avantree’s Desktop USB Charging Station for multiple devices. Not only does it declutter your desk in an efficient way with its award-winning, space-saving design, it also does its job for its “fast as lightning” charging despite having four USB ports. Sleek and functional, we’re totally sold on this one.

3. Fitbit Charge 2’s Fitness Waistband

A trusty wristwatch is one of the most basic necessities to an organized day. Fitbit takes this concept to a whole new level and adds dimension to time. For one, it keeps your health and wellbeing in track by all-day activity monitors and reminders that motivate you to move and stay active. But what we love most about Fitbit is how it also helps you conquer your day even smarter by allowing you to see incoming calls, texts, and calendar alerts to keep your phone out of sight and your goals in focus.

4.Samsung Galaxy Book

For maximum productivity, the Samsung Galaxy Book is your best bet. Stay on top of your deadlines with the device’s affinity for fluid multitasking. You’ll also love the switch from touch to type with the handy slim detachable keyboard. The Galaxy Book also comes with a stylish stylus pen perfect for your doodles, writing, and taking notes. With 128 GB worth of internal storage, you could also download a ton of apps that further help systematize your hectic schedule.

5. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB

When your files need backup, the Seagate Backup Plus provides a ridiculous amount of storage space to spare. At 2TB, the world of possibilities is endless and you have all the freedom in the world to arrange your files into neat folders and subfolders for easier navigation. Its Save feature even allows you to have user-generated content from your fave social networks (and elsewhere) backed up. We’ll file this gizmo under “Need,” if you ask us.

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