Three weird mobile games that are very 2020

From skipping school to crafting an aquarium, these oddball games are a total a vibe

If hardcore mobile games aren’t your jam, have we got some recs for you. 

Spend the weekend calmly generating a 3D aquarium or jumping over, um, stacks of tofu. These oddball games definitely have their charm. The goal is not to slaughter a thousand soldiers in battle or build a world in four hours. These games are exercises in chilling and having fun. 

Check out the list (and the video walkthrough):  

Skip School

Scoutmag calls this the game you need: “Okay, maybe you’d need a few brain cells for this. But you don’t really need much effort anyway. Channel your escapist frustrations in Skip School where all you have to do is figure out how to get out of school without being caught. Props to the creator for the interesting stages. We trust you, but in case we have to say it: Please don’t do this IRL. Yes, even in online classes.” 


Tofu Girl

“Listen tofu enthusiasts, this is the true test. Are you down to see tofu getting stacked for your survival? In Tofu Girl, you need to build the highest tofu tower you can possibly create—thanks to timing and focus, of course. Okay, we know there are other games with the same dynamics already, but the concept and graphics here are pretty funny. The character’s drips are sick, too. I’ll unlock the heck out of them.”


Weird Aquarium

“Is this the 3D fantasy for aspiring fish parents? As the name suggests, it’s more than that. Weird Aquarium welcomes weird rabbits and monsters into your aquarium like sleep paralysis creatures that want your attention. Buy them food, give them plants and the rest is history. At least they give you purpose.”


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