Are you a hardcore gamer? Or are you just dipping your toes in the water? Either way, you know that the secret to a good game isn’t just the skills of the person behind the controller. It’s also how well they’ve picked out the tools of their trade.

A good game is made when you pick out the right gadgets for it. They need to be compatible with your requirements and should be durable too. When your casual games turn into full-on tournaments with your friends, that’s when your gaming equipment should be able to take the heat. Since there are a lot of options when it comes to gadgets, choosing among them can also get competitive.

So we’ve cut through the runners-up to give you a list of champion gadgets that will give you a good gaming experience every time. All that’s left to do is for you to win.

1. Fast processing laptop

Available at Gigahertz

Overheating is one thing that gamers must be conscious of when they get into long competitions. ASUS knows this, and so they rolled out the world’s first liquid-cooled laptop. The ROG GX700VO can also compete with any gaming desktop, taking you straight to victory.

2. Portable fun

Available at Games & Gadgets

Do you love playing games on your phone? Would you like to unlock the potential of your mobile handset so you can kill it at a competition while on the go? The Smartphone Joystick is the answer for glitch-free game time while on long road trips.

3. Great graphics, super speed

Available at Compuware

With a design inspired by intergalactic battleships, you’ll rule with this gaming laptop that has a Cooler Master feature to prevent it from overheating quickly. For intense gaming, you can place in the Predator FrostCore so nothing stands in your way of winning. Glitches? That’s not possible with this laptop’s Killer DoubleShot Pro, which does away with game lagging.

4. High-performance tools

Available at Microvalley

Upgrade your current desktop setup with a keyboard and a mouse so you won’t miss making a good move ever again. This combo has an LED backlight, while the mouse is designed ambidextrously with agile DPI control. Plus, it’s got a splash-proof design and a drain hole should any liquid accidents happen.

5. Gaming cube

Available at Qube

When it comes to gaming, this one knows how to deliver. The Shuttle Sz270R9 can support the 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor for maximum gaming and VR performance. Don’t be fooled by how small it is, as it has a 3.5” Hard Disk and two NVMe SSDs, as well as supports large-sized dual-slot graphics cards. It’s great for LAN parties with friends with its 10 USB ports, Dual Intel Gigabit LAN, and 500 Watt 80 PLUS SILVER PSU.

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