The top 4 gadgets we’re using to boost our work-from-home productivity

Trust us, using efficient gadgets can help you accomplish daily tasks in a breeze

One would think we’ve already mastered the art of WFH productivity, but believe it or not, we still struggle to ignore the urge to procrastinate. And we admit, it’s largely because the gadgets we use aren’t efficient enough to power through everyday tasks. I mean, who would want to work with a faulty laptop, right?

So in our attempt to crucify the procrastinators in us, here are five of the smoothest functioning gadgets we’re adding to cart to hopefully increase our productivity at home. (Prayer circle: Let these work, please.)

Responsive laptop

Acer Aspire 5 A514-53-39QP in Charcoal Black from Villman

Acer Aspire 5 is one of the best laptops for WFH (in our opinion, at least) as it can steadily fulfill multitasking needs. It has 128gb total solid-state drive capacity, a battery life lasting up to 10.5 hours, and a Core i3 processor that’s good enough for day-to-day work. Purchase now for 20% off (from P29,999 to P23,977) via the SM Malls Online app.

Bluetooth earphones

Elecom Sports Bluetooth Earphones in White from Urbanize

Whether it’s from the ongoing construction next door or the loud clattering of kitchen utensils downstairs, working from home means constant interruptions. But whatever it is, we really think you need a pair of earphones that can double as earplugs to cancel out external noise. It’s best to get these Bluetooth earphones from Urbanize for only P2,000 (over 50% off the original price) via the SM Malls Online app. (P.S. It can last up to 7 hours in case you want to listen to some music while working.)

Heavy-duty power bank

Anker Powercore Lite 10,000mAh from Nifty

WFH means being prepared even for unexpected events, like a power outage. Stay powered up and connected with Nifty’s Anker Powercore Lite 10,000mAh for only P1,995 and get another one for free via the SM Malls Online app. It’s lightweight, compact, and can charge a phone over three times (more than enough to get you through the day) before it runs out of power.

Table fan with night light

Firefly 7” Table Fan with Night Light in Black from Surplus Shop

According to a study, hot weather decreases worker productivity. A separate research has also found that high temperature causes low cognitive performance and declined motor skills. Turning on a rechargeable table fan will definitely help ease the heat. Buy one now from Surplus Shop for 50% off (from P999.75 to 499.75) via the SM Malls Online app.

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