The newbie’s guide to mobile gaming

You're not the master you think you are... at least, not yet

Are you feeling a little bit left out because all your friends seem to talk about is mobile gaming? I get it. I wasn’t into mobile gaming at all before quarantine, mostly because I preferred scrolling on social media over everything else and because I didn’t know much about gaming. 

Newbies will not suffer a lack of game choices because mobile games come in such a wide variety of genres and game types. There’s one out there for everybody and if you’re new to the game, so to speak, here’s a cheat sheet to help you make your first foray into the gaming world. 

Puzzle games

Mobile gaming phone: samsung galaxy note 20
Samsung Note Galaxy 20 from Presnet Cellphone Shop

Big brains are welcome here. Puzzle games force users to think. Games of this type usually range from simple match-three games (where you line up three or more identical items) to escaping out of locked rooms or examining microscopic evidence from a crime scene with the help of Samsung Note 20 Ultra’s all-screen infinity display. Unfortunately for me and my two remaining brain cells, this type of game is not it, but if you’re challenged by mystery and logic, you better get right on downloading. 

Role-playing Games (RPG)

Mobile gaming phone: Vivo S1 Pro
Vivo S1 Pro from MegaPixel

RPG stands for role-playing games where users assume a specific role with specific powers and limits. The ultimate goal is to set off on and complete a quest. RPG is a pretty broad category because almost any genre can apply although most RPGs are usually either horror, fantasy or adventure. Your phone would survive an RPG if it boasts a long battery life or a supercharger like the one from Huawei Nova 7 SE. RPGs usually have long gameplay because of the side quests and challenges you have to accomplish along with the central quest. 

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)

Mobile gaming phone: pouvoir 4 pro 6
Tecno Pouvoir 6 Pro from Greentelcom

MMORPG is a sub-category of role-playing games but the difference is the world you’re role-playing in also houses thousands, if not millions of role-playing users. In MMORPGs, users make up the bulk of the world. Most of these games fall under the fantasy genre so you’ll encounter players role-playing as elves, fairies, royalty and even dragons. The gameplay is all about advancing the plot of the story which you can do through multiple quests. MMORPGS take up quite a lot of space mostly because of the expansive format, so expandable storage like the one from POUVOIR 4 PRO 6 will serve you well if you want to dedicate yourself to this type of game. 

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Mobile gaming phone: Realm 6 Pro
Realme 6 from Guanzon MobiTek

This is the genre for those who love competition and winning. MOBA games are games where you can team up with other players to defeat another set of players in battle. This game involves a lot of strategy and teamwork. Speaking from personal experience, these games are time-consuming and addicting so a phone like the Realme 6 Pro is best to handle intense battles without heating up or sapping too much of your battery. MOBA games are also best played with friends so you can become a regular team and build the best strategy that works for your group. 

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