The best gifts to spoil yourself with—because why not?

Treat yo’ self with these discounted goodies

You deserve to be loved and pampered once in a while. And by that, we mean by yourself—not by other people. BTS didn’t release an entire album on self-love for you to ignore, you know? And self-love, just like other forms of love, has languages—one of which is “receiving gifts.” Yup, splurging on yourself and indulging freely in everything you’ve ever wanted is a form of self-love. And we encourage you to practice just that by treating yourself with these items that will make you feel complete even with the absence of romance. (Who needs a lover anyway?)

Promise ring

Stone promise ring from Celine’s Gems & Jewel

Who says promise rings are for couples only? You can have one, too—yup, even while being single. Wear it as a sign of love and commitment to yourself, your happiness, and your dreams. Let it be a reminder that it’s all right to be selfish for once. And speaking of rings, Celine’s Gems & Jewels has an offer of 5% off on all items except wedding rings (they said single rights!) for purchases below P4,999 and 10% off for purchases above P5,000. So take this as a sign to buy your promise ring now!

Fitness watch

Huawei Watch Fit in Graphite Black from Aerophone

One form of self-love is working out—not necessarily because you need to look good, but because you need to stay healthy. But we get it, it’s hard to be consistent, which is why we suggest buying this Huawei Watch Fit from Aerophone. In essence, it will act like your personal fitness trainer.

Oh, and Aerophone has an ongoing promo: Get two Huawei products and enjoy a 25% discount on the lower priced item. This is valid for the following gadgets: Watch Fit, Watch GT 2 Pro, Mate40 Pro, MatePad, MatePad T, MatePad Pro, and FreeBuds Pro.


Elephant plushie from The Gift Factory

Remember when governments encouraged single people last year to find a cuddle buddy that would get them through quarantine? Yeah, the advice is still pretty much valid. But if you don’t want another human invading your space, we recommend getting your daily dose of cuddles from this precious elephant plushie at The Gift Factory.

Musical instruments

Chord C-3000 Acoustic Guitar from Better Components, Inc. 

According to an accredited music therapist, music is part of being human and has a powerful pull on our emotions. Given that, learning an instrument can be an effective form of self-care. Aside from the fact that it may give you a sense of accomplishment, it also has a positive effect on cognitive performance and mood. If you want to tune in to your inner musician, get this Chord C-3000 Acoustic Guitar from Better Components, Inc. for only P6,500.

ESI – cosMik 10 Studio Condenser Microphone from Better Components, Inc.

Or you may also turn your existing hobby into a skill. Buy this ESI – cosMik 10 Studio Condenser Microphone for only P6,200 from Better Components, Inc. and hone your singing chops. (Maybe upload a song cover on YouTube while you’re at it?)


Admit it: There are times when you’re tempted to buy a piece of jewelry for yourself but you always end up not buying any because you’d rather spend it on your family… and we truly admire you for that. But we’re also here to remind you that there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with fine jewelry occasionally. It’s your hard-earned money after all; you have the right to go wild with it. 

18k white gold omega necklace from Oro Italia

Good news: You may enjoy up to 60% off on all items (including this 18k white gold omega necklace, yes) at Oro Italia. The promo is only valid until supplies last though, so hurry and make a purchase ASAP. Looking for more options? Pinctada also has a wide selection of necklaces you can choose from.

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