Tech tip to remember: Don’t put off device updates

It's not just for new features, it's to help your phone maintain peak performance

Your phone’s software update notification is telling you something: It’s having a hard time and offering a way to improve. Well, it’s not exactly verbatim as phones can’t talk (yet) but it’s a concise summary of the mess of numbers and tech terms you usually see on the software update screen. 

Oppo A12E, Rulls; Latest software: Android Oreo 8.0
Oppo A12E, Rulls; Latest software: Android Oreo 8.0

Many of us are tempted to put updates off because we know that it requires halting your social media scrolling and then turning your phone off to let it install updates and then restarting it. Which is a whole lot more work than just swiping the notification away. You might even be thinking that updates are just thinly-veiled attempts at enticing you to buy the phone’s newest model by showing you how outdated your current one already is.

Samsung Z Fold 2

But before you swipe that notification away, maybe it’s time to reevaluate and actually, you know, update. What’s a few minutes of slight inconvenience to make sure that your device’s software fills the gaps that your aging hardware can’t? Let’s face it, phones aren’t exactly indestructible and if you’re constantly on it, it can and will suffer wear and tear. Software updates usually contain patches to protect your phone from performance downgrades brought about by hardware damage.

Huawei Matepad Pro, Fonestyle; Latest software: Android 10, EMUI 10
Huawei Matepad Pro, Fonestyle; Latest software: Android 10, EMUI 10

Updates can also provide solutions to pesky bugs and performance issues like low battery health, connection problems and even some random glitches. While it’s not always a sure fix, it does help contain malfunctions before it damages other software operations. Bug fixes can also help address security issues by strengthening the virtual walls around your phone’s system. Opting out of the updates may leave your device defenseless against hackers and phishing attacks.

Huawei Matepad Pro, Fonestyle; Latest software: Android 10, EMUI 10
Vivo X50, Vivo; Latest software: Android 10, Funtouch 10.5

These don’t happen often, but when they do, it just makes the argument for phone updates stronger. Updates can come with new features like a new look for the interface or the ability to make the display grayscale or a new application that can make your user experience more fun or efficient. These kinds of updates also ensure that your phone is ready to be equipped with the latest version of third-party apps, so you don’t miss out on new games, social media sites and brand new, essential apps.

The next time you receive a notification update, heed its call. Or better yet, explore automatic updates—so you experience all the benefits of software updates without the annoying waiting parts.

Header Image Credits: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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