Why surround sound makes binge-watching better

Audio experience is everything when you watch shows for days on end

Binge-watching is one of the many things that surged during the quarantine. You may have already purchased a flatscreen TV, subscribed to streaming services to watch K-Dramas, but have you thought about your sound?

When binge-watching shows and movies, surround sound plays a huge role in providing a better atmosphere. Since many cinemas are still closed due to the pandemic, people have set up their own home theater. This can also improve one’s mood as it replicates the enjoyable and relaxing experience that you get from traditional cinemas.

Now let’s get a little geeky about surround sound speakers. What should you consider?

5.1, 6.1—what do the numbers mean?

These numbers often come up in surround sound jargon, which usually refer to channel systems. For example: 5.1 surround speakers have five speakers that provide directional audio—front-cent, left-front, right-front, left-rear and right-rear—and one subwoofer for low-frequency sounds. Find the right brand and type that fit your TV, as well as enough room to fit multiple speakers. You should also choose based on your budget.

How about “virtualised” surround? If you’ve come across that term before then you may have also seen a soundbar. This is perfect for people living in condos or are just not ready to splurge on a full surround sound system yet.

Size of the room

Speaking of room space, the size of your dedicated home theater matters when it comes to the overall sound. According to How Stuff Works, smaller rooms require a receiver audio output of up to 50 watts per channel. For bigger rooms, look for speakers with 150 watts or more. This also makes it easier for you to choose whether you need a full-on cinema-like surround sound or something less intense.

Whatever surround sound system you choose, we hope you find one that will fill that movie theater-sized void.

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