How To Organize A Study Table For Your Back To School Journey

Ever looked at your study table and felt unmotivated to work because of all the mess?

You may not have been concerned about school due to the long summer break. This may be why all your school items are scattered around your room, from your class notebooks to every kind of pen. The worst part about it? You’re about to go online for the “new normal” e-learning classes! Believe it or not, an organized study table for your back to school journey will boost your productivity. A space that is spic-and-span will not only look pleasing to the eyes, but it will also develop your study habits.

Organizing can be a challenging task. You might even be discouraged just by thinking about it. This is why we created the ultimate guide on how to organize your study table. After this, you’ll be ready for your back to school journey. And a big bonus – you will love the workspace items from SM Supermalls we’ll be recommending. Who knows? You might love doing your homework more from now on.


Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

A study table full of crumpled paper

Throw every unnecessary item from your desk such as crumpled pieces of paper, dried up pens, and any leftover snacks. Grab two bags: one for the items you’ll get rid of, and the other for the things you still need. Think about it really hard. We know you love hoarding pens, but do you really need the other non-working ones too?

Be as stern as possible. Throw as many unimportant items as you can and keep only the bare necessities. Take our word for it when we say it can bring you your much-needed peace of mind.

Once you’re done getting rid of the garbage, why don’t you use storage items and place them at your desk to avoid bigger clutter in the future?

Typo is a stationary, gifting, and novelty shop. It is a haven for school supplies fans! Their Trio Drawer Storage is perfect for organizing the small items at your desk like erasers, sharpeners, clips, etc.

Typo also sells numerous pen holders that they offer in different designs. Stash your favorite pens and pencils by the side of your table and simply grab it to jot down any important facts that your teacher shares in class.


Avoid Messy Tangled Wires

A phone connected to a powerbank

Now that you’ll be enrolling for an online class, your gadgets will definitely be filling your study space. You might need to use a laptop, a tablet, or a phone. No matter what essential items you’ll need for a productive e-learning experience, you’ll also need to keep everything organized.

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The moment your gadgets get low batt, your cable cords will be all over the place. You may even trip on them! Avoid messy tangled wires under the desk and buy a power bank instead. Search the isles of Digital Walker and you’ll surely be able to find the cutest power bank options. If you don’t want to use a power bank, you can always make use of a port with multiple USB sockets instead.


Categorize Your Books

A stack of books on a desk

Sure, you may not use books that often during your online classes. But reading printed lessons will always be easier to access. Some students also learn better by studying physical content. Simply grab the books at your desk and read on.

With this being said, you’ll need to categorize them too. Head to National Bookstore and check out their desk trays and magazine holders. Divide your books according to topics such as Math, Science, or English. Place them neatly in the file holders. After categorizing and organizing everything, you’ll be able to search for your lessons with ease.


Make Use Of Planners

A person writing on their planner

The last step in this article is vital in having an organized back to school journey. It involves making use of planners. Having planners gives you the opportunity to plan ahead for your incoming school year. You can keep track of every homework, quiz, and periodic exam by writing in the entries.

Muji is the place to be when you plan on buying your own planner. They offer all kinds of beautiful designs. The Muji 2020 planner is out and it’s perfect for those who want a minimally designed notebook. A number of other noteworthy supply stores such as Scribe also offer a wide variety of planners.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to organizing your study table for your back to school journey, there are a number of ways to make your place tidier. Do simple things such as get rid of unnecessary items, avoid messy tangled wires, categorize your books, and make use of planners.

Head to your nearest SM Supermalls to have a productive school year ahead of you! We’ve got it all for you.

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