Something you should try this year? Learning an instrument. Here’s why

You might want to start reviewing those childhood music lessons

So you’ve gone through all sorts of possible hobbies last year—from scrapbooking, knitting, painting, vlogging, baking, gardening and even trying to become TikTok famous. But nothing seems to stick and to stimulate your brain. 

Well, why not learn a musical instrument? You might have tried those required recorder lessons back in elementary school and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “That was such a bore,” but hear us out first. One, you’ve already tried everything, and two, learning a musical instrument can be really exciting and beneficial to you. So let us convince you to give it a go.

Increasingly accessible

Lazer Music’s electric guitars are great for beginners who want to learn to play rock, country and R&B

Everything you ever need to learn is on the internet so embrace it. Long before Zoom school became cool, there were already musicians uploading musical instrument 101s on YouTube. All you gotta do is click. Many tutorials are targeted at self-taught beginners so you can easily learn at your own pace without the trouble of socializing and paying money. Getting the instruments themselves isn’t much work, too. Lazer Music provides ample information about its instruments that can help you make a purchase, which is then delivered directly to your door, so no worries about having no instrument on-hand.

Keeps your mind sharp

The violin and the drums like these from JB Music are two of the most challenging but rewarding instruments to learn

Aside from fine-tuning your already existing skills, learning new ones can really hold off mental decline especially as you age. Playing a musical instrument is essentially taking your mind to the gym as it engages your brain to enable it to read sheet music, stay in rhythm and boost hand-eye coordination. We’re all guilty of this but it’s time to face the music. Some quarantine activities like excessive binge-watching or game-playing negatively impact mental well-being so it’s best to engage in activities like playing an instrument that positively stimulates the brain.

Improves your mood

A good quality bluetooth speaker like these ones from Silicon Valley can help you along your goal to finally play your favorite song with an instrument

Music is a guaranteed mood-booster and if you don’t agree, well give some hits a listen. Listening to music improves one’s overall mood and decreases stress-related stimuli. Learning to play and actually playing musical instruments can even do one better. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument has improved people’s self-esteem and lessened their feelings of isolation (which is honestly a big need during this pandemic).

Keeps you creative and social

Lazer Music’s vocal effects pad can be the answer to mimicking your favorite artists’ vocal stylings

There’s more to music than just playing an instrument. If you want to go big, you can actually try your hand at producing music. If you already have friends who know how to sing or play instruments, why not create a song together? Producing is its own medium and the music mixing and audio rendering software can create the best songs even out of nothing. Schedule an album brainstorm with your musical-phenomenon-in-the-making friends, record even in lo-fi conditions and come out with this year’s hottest debut EP—the sky’s the limit.

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