Parents, this is what you need to know about Instagram

With kids spending more time online, young parents need to be more cautious about their kids’ social media consumption

Millions of kids are now spending large swathes of their day in front of a screen. Parents who never allowed their kids access to mobile devices are now faced with a conundrum: Allow them to use mobile devices (with access to social media) and teach them how to use it responsibly? Or ban access to those platforms entirely? 

For parents who choose the former, Instagram released some tips for parents who want to manage their kids’ safety on the platform. 

Instagram’s tips for parents: 

Managing privacy

“Your teen’s account can be set to private, meaning their content will only be seen by approved followers. They can also block and report abusive accounts.”

Managing Comments

“Help your teen avoid unwanted interactions by using “Comment Controls”. Our reporting and blocking tools also allow them to manage who can comment on their posts.”

Managing Time

“Your family can help your teen manage their time on Instagram by using features in the Activity Dashboard, such as daily reminders and mute push notifications.”


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