5 Tips To Slay Your Online Dance Classes

Wear your dancing shoes, take out your smartphone, and sign up! We’ve rounded up the best tips to make the most out of your online dance classes.

Stuck at home? This may be the perfect time for you to learn a new hobby: dancing. While it’s true that nothing beats having in-person sessions with an instructor, no law states that you can’t become the best dancer through online classes.

We are living in a digital age. That means you can continue to do the things you love with a click of a finger.

Whether you’ve taken dance classes before or not, you must have an idea about the challenges learning can bring. What more if it’s virtual, right? Luckily, we’ve rounded up the five tips to help you become the best dancer you can be.


Set Your Goals

A woman taking online dance classes

Before you even sign up for online dance classes, you need to set a goal that you want to achieve. To do this, you may need to look at what you like and what inspires you. Think about it hard. Was there any specific dancing style that sparked your interest and made you think, “Wow, I want to do that too.”?

After you set such goals, evaluate yourself. Are you a total beginner, do you want to work on your musicality, or do you want to learn a new dancing style? There are virtual classes that teach the fundamentals while others offer more advanced ones.

Be consistent and set a reminder for yourself. Plan your schedule and book dance classes in advance. While you’re at it, why don’t you buy a planner to keep track of your progress? Fully Booked offers numerous planners that feature beautiful designs. Take the Moleskine Limited Edition Petit Prince 12 Month 2020 Weekly Planner for example.
Whatever your plan is, remember to show dedication and have an end goal.


Dress The Part

Two people taking dance classes

You might consider those pajamas your go-to uniform because of the excuse of staying at home. But here’s our pro tip: Don’t ever think about slacking on the dress code while taking online dance classes.

When it comes to any dancing style, what you wear on your body is important. It can either complement or highlight your moves. At the same time, it can be a distraction as it can get in the way of executing the steps correctly. Mind your footwear as well!

For a hip hop class outfit, aim for a casual getup. The general rule of thumb is to make sure your clothes are easy to move in. Head to Penshoppe, they have the best loose-fitting t-shirts and pairs of leggings or sweatpants that will ensure you get to pop and lock comfortably!

As for contemporary dance classes, make sure not to wear baggy pants as your heels might get caught while practicing all those intricate moves. You can’t go wrong with tights and leotards from H&M. They even have sizes for kids!

Ballet attire usually includes a black leotard, “ballet pink” tights, and ballet pointe shoes. It’s usually acceptable to wear a short skirt as well.

The first step in becoming a dancer is looking like one. Thankfully, the trendiest clothes are right in stores. #ShopAtSM as we’ve got all the hottest brands for you! Trust us, when you look like a dancer, you’ll feel like a dancer as well.


Learn From The Pros

A woman learning from pro dancers online

If you didn’t already know, the teacher you learn from can diversify your skillset intensely. Thankfully, the best studios, dancers, and choreographers can now hold their classes on online platforms. Whether it’s from YouTube, Instagram, or even websites – the internet has made it possible to keep up with the experts in the dance industry. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn from them today.

For urban dance styles, visit the TMilly TV page or the 1 Million Dance Studio Channel. You might be surprised to know that you already stumbled upon their HD videos online before. They do have some of the best choreographers!

Are you into ballet by any chance? For interactive personal ballet coaching, book a lesson with the Veyette Virtual Ballet School. You’ll definitely learn from the intensive personal mentorship they offer.

With an abundance of dance teachers online, you’ll never find yourself running out of options. From beginner level to advanced level, hip-hop to ballet – you can dance in the comfort of your own home without any pressure. Just remember that some teachers offer free classes but others charge for their content as well.


Create Your Own Dance Space

A woman dancing in her dance space

No student wants to dance in a tight space every day. Ideally, you will want to create a dedicated dance space in your home. It must be spacious and foster a studio environment to motivate you. Sometimes, this can be tricky as not everyone has a spacious home. But with the help of a little creativity, you too can transform your place.
Install full mirrors so that you can monitor your moves. Several stores at SM Supermalls offer this such as Our Home and SM Home.

When you’re choosing an area in your house, pick one that’s far from the bedrooms. You don’t want to disturb your family when they’re trying to doze off. At the same time, you don’t want to be distracted by them either. Try to dance in the backyard area. The living room may work if you move some furniture pieces out of the way.


Invest in Reliable Gadgets

A phone with speakers

A great way to make sure you are focused on the class is by using reliable gadgets. Take the JBL Xtreme 2 to deliver immersive stereo sounds. Simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let the high-quality bass radiators hype you up.

Don’t want to disturb other people during your online dance classes? Block out all the noise with the Powerbeats Pro from the famous brand of Beats By Dre. Learn even the hardest choreographies with zero wires holding you back. You’ll always have a noise isolating and premium listening experience to motivate you.

What’s an online dance class without a strong wifi connection? Invest in a reliable internet provider and save yourself from lagging online classes. Globe WiFi is your most reliable broadband option! They offer fast internet speeds that can keep up with all your online activities.


Key Takeaway

Before you hit that sign up button, remember our five tips for online dance classes. At SM Supermalls, we’re all about supporting your passion and hobbies!
It’s never too late for you to stay on top of artistry and techniques. Empower the dancer in you with #AweSMLearning today.

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