Whoever says concerts are limited to arenas just don’t have the right equipment

Getting the most of your online concert experience

If you’re a K-Pop stan then you’d notice the move towards online activities such as concerts and video call meet and greets for most groups and artists due to safety precautions. As a fellow K-pop stan myself, I have taken it upon myself to make the most of this situation in order to improve my equipment for both work and fangirling purposes—it’s killing two birds with one stone!

Laptop from Octagon

K-pop concerts are known for their elaborate performances which come with intense choreography and arresting stage outfits. Just like regular concerts, online concerts require just as much time and effort to execute, if not more due to the added technical aspect. Despite the disadvantage of the impossibility of any interactions, online concerts make going beyond what is physically possible attainable through the power of technology (You best be expecting crazy stages that wouldn’t be feasible if the concert were held online) That being said, online concerts are best experienced on the big screen to honor our idols and their crews’ hard work and vision.

Monitor and HDMI cord from Octagon

You best know that I’ve already ensured that I got every monitor and cord prepared to enjoy every pixel of my biases’ hard work with no interruptions, and you should too. Get your cords checked and order a new one ASAP if needed. If you’ve been going back and forth about upgrading or buying a second monitor, I am telling you: now is the time. 

Hey, hey, listen. It’s an investment and deciding ahead just means you get to enjoy its benefits earlier! As I said earlier, as many other aspects of our life are going online, getting a bigger or new screen is a practical decision as it ensures quality viewing that’s not limited to online concerts. Think about your family movie nights or late night office work that could give you wrinkles from squinting at your tiny or cramped single screen.

Headphones from Octagon

Of course, the elaborate stage and dance routines are just a big bonus to the actual appeal of the concert which is the music. As someone who loves their music just as much as their quirky personalities and beautiful visuals, I value sound quality A LOT. If you plan on enjoying the concert with headphones or earphones on for that 8D experience, I suggest investing in new buds for better sound quality and noise cancelling feature. After all, nothing beats concert altered songs and adlibs.

LED Speaker from Octagon

On the other hand, as someone who has always loved the loud and exciting ambience of a concert, I am 100 percent going to do my best to simulate a concert environment and I am inviting you to do the same! Dress up, bring out your lightstick (if you have one, oof), and plug your loud speakers and LED lights to help immerse yourself in the experience together with other starry-eyed fans around the world. I am here to remind you that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade which, in this case, means have fun despite the circumstances and have yourself  an enhanced, online Kpop concert—by yourself or with family or friends.

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