5 New OPM Anthems to Sing Your Heart Out To

Give your fave OPM anthems a listen

Philippine history is rich, and those influential centuries of colonization have affected our taste in food, our language, and even our music. All this will take a series of lectures to unpack, so for now let’s settle with just celebrating the freedom we’ve become accustomed to, and how we can be more familiar with our roots – through music.

Original Pilipino Music (or OPM) mostly revolves around the themes of love and resilience, which largely speaks to the state of Pinoy humanity. Cliché-sounding, but the great thing about OPM is its versatility to undergo iterations. This way, the sound caters to new tastes yet remains anthemic. Listening to OPM is empowering – it’s made by us and about us. Its independence from foreign sentiment is what makes each OPM jam, in a way, a celebration of Pinoy individuality.

Here’s a list of the freshest OPM jams to celebrate Independence Day:

Unique Salonga

Image Credit: @ uniquesalongaph | ig

1. Bukod-Tangi by UNIQUE

“Bukod-Tangi” talks about being different from the rest of the crowd. Experimenting with 360° video, UNIQUE captures the color of self-discovery and understanding that it’s okay to standout. The singer-songwriter’s penchant for bright colors and hints of vintage art, and retro and disco beats will surely make you want to dance. If you’re ready, dive headfirst into deep feelings on your Beats headphones.

Reese Lansangan

Image Credit: @ reesypeasy | ig

2. A Song About Space by Reese Lansangan

“A Song About Space” is a dreamy, playful beat about outer space and the planets. We too wonder what it’s like to ponder the vastness of outer space. The song has made such an impact that it’s caught the attention of NASA (yes, the American space program) and has put ‘A Song About Space’ in its Launch America campaign. Time to take out your OPPO Reno 2F and start your musical journey to outer space!

Orange & Lemons

Image Credit: @ moonlanegardens | ig

3. Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot: 2004 Demo Sessions by Orange & Lemons

If you miss Orange & Lemons and are still pining for a new release, you better take this opportunity (or ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’). While it’s not really ‘new’ music, “Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot: 2004 Demo Sessions” is a collection of raw sessions of the band’s sophomore album, which just turned 15 this year. For a solid nostalgia trip, listen to “Hanggang Kailan (Umuwi Ka Na Baby)” while working on your Asus laptop for a smooth ride down memory lane.

Yael Yuzon

Image Credit: @ yaelyraz | ig

4. Taumbayan to the Rescue by Various Artists (Yael Yuzon, Karylle, Brenan Espartinez, and Yosha Honasan)

“Taumbayan to the Rescue”, sings about ‘Bayanihan’, the undying Pinoy storyline of banding together to prop up a nation on its knees, but is given a new musical treatment to appeal to a younger generation. It’s a great mood energizer when spirits are down. To get the fullest experience, grab your Acer laptop and get your best friends in virtual jam sesh – and share a plate of Savory Chicken while you’re at it!

Ben & Ben

Image Credit: @ benandbenmusic | ig

5. Lifetime by Ben&Ben

“Lifetime” has gathered immense social media traction (the original post has 120k likes on Twitter) even before being released because of the story of its conception. A Ben&Ben fan named “Anne jou” left a comment in one of their songs on YouTube, and it was so heart-rending that the band had to write a song

about it. We’re big fans of love songs and failed connections, aren’t we? Speaking of connections, relationships may seem far and difficult to tend right now, so why not enlist LBC and #SMTakeOutAndDelivery and send care packages to remind your loved ones that you’re thinking of them?

Time may impress upon OPM new rhythms and melodies, but the genre will almost always revolve around love and our resilience as a nation. Maybe this will change or has already changed, but we can’t be certain. For now, we can only enjoy OPM and march to our own anthems of love, empowerment, and glorious independence.

Header Photo Credit: @reeeseypeasy | ig
Thumbnail Photo Credit: @benandbenmusic | ig

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