Making tech work for your small business

Newsletters and chatbots are just the beginning for small businesses

Building a business from the ground up is difficult at any time of the year, but it’s become more fraught with challenges when accomplished in the middle of a pandemic. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile course of action. The pandemic has uprooted many Filipinos from their steady jobs and so many have turned to generating an income of their own.

It might seem a herculean task but it is possible. Thankfully, we’ve got more tools than ever at our disposal, especially now. If you play your cards right and keep these tips in mind, you might just be running the next booming business of the pandemic. 

Expand digital reach

Social media and digital marketing is a very important tool in letting people know that your business is here and ready to serve. Making yourself known on the internet means you’re reaching millions of people all over the world—that is, of course, if you are visible. Branding is important so you have to figure out what tone your social media pages will be taking on. Will it be cool and chic? Nostalgic and cute? Relatable and funny? 

PSL 10 power bank from Romoss

You also have to continuously engage with your audience. Don’t be afraid to reply to tweets and comments on posts and make sure that you’re prompt in answering messages and email. Make sure that you never run out of battery and risk your customers losing contact with you with a Romoss PSL 10 power bank. Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing, too. Through email newsletters, your clients can be made aware of new developments, partnerships, promos and releases. In turn, they’ll feel valued as customers since news about your business reaches them first. 

Online payments and invoicing 

One of the best things that businesses can do to keep their clients happy is to make transactions smoother and easier. Now that almost everything has reverted online, people are relying on digital transactions to get everything done. Offering diverse payment options help with client retention, giving them one more reason to choose your business. Setting up payment channels can become laborious so hang in there with your sturdy Lenovo Thinkpad and a strong internet connection from 5G super deals. It will save a lot of effort in the future for both you and your clients.

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Remote work can become difficult for a business that’s very collaborative. However, there are a lot of applications and programs that can make the transition to digital project management easier. Maximize calendars and scheduling apps to sync up meetings and huddles and organizational apps to track the team’s progress on quotas. 

Project management software

Telecommuting has been on the rise since before the pandemic, so it’s not a new idea to get rid of humongous offices. When setting up a business, future-proof and establish work processes that can survive purely on digital. ou can still have an office that’s only for essential meetings, appointments and shoots. Lessen costs by investing in environmentally-friendly appliances too, like a Gallant Series Solar Light. 

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Smooth and easy transactions

Technology really has made it possible for businesses to thrive even in a pandemic. There’s a lot of third-party apps these days which you can utilize for delivery service. For food businesses, you may register on Foodpanda or GrabFood. Other businesses may use Lalamove, Grab Express, Transportify and a lot more logistics companies.

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But if you want to be independent, you can always buy your own delivery scooter. Star8 Shop PH has Avant E-Scooter that can run for up to 60kph.



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