Listening is vital—these wellness podcasts prove it

Learn everything there is to know about health and wellness

For the last few years, podcasts have become a part of our everyday routines—and it’s actually a good thing. Not only are you entertaining yourself, a study has found that listening to podcasts can improve your memory. Cool, right?

There are also several niches you can dive into. Need a good laugh after a long day? Listen to a funny interview. Do you want to stimulate your brain and learn something new? There are educational podcasts that tackle historical events and theories.

If you’re looking for a new podcast niche to get into, especially during quarantine, go for wellness and health. We all need to keep ourselves in good shape, physically and mentally, during this stressful time. Don’t know where to start? Check the list below.

“Hurdle with Emily Abbate”

This wellness-focused podcast is hosted by trainer and writer Emily Abbate. Each episode, she interviews “inspiring individuals to talk about everything from their big wins to how they’ve gotten through life’s toughest moments.” It’s a great listen for people who turn to working out and other wellness activities when they’re stressed out.

“The Jillian Michaels Show”

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels doesn’t hold anything back in her self-titled podcast. From workout routines that work for everyone to ranting about extreme fad diets, she’s not afraid to share her opinion while giving her listeners facts. We all need this in a time of so much misinformation. Can I get an amen?

“Ali on the Run Show”

If you like to jog and join marathons (before the pandemic), “Ali on the Run Show,” hosted by runner Ali Feller, sits down with fellow runners from different backgrounds to talk about their journey and routines. She also tackles other topics like taking care of her mental and her postpartum fitness.

Important tip

Of course, listening to podcasts is just one small step to keeping your health in check. You should also actively put in the work if you want your body to feel good. For a thorough check, you can visit The Medical City Clinic for primary care and specialist consultations. You can also get laboratory tests, ultrasound, X-ray, and physical therapy done if you’re feeling anything unusual. 

Remember: We can’t afford to get sick in the middle of this pandemic, so make sure you take extra precautions to stay in optimal shape. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize your items regularly!



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