Life simulation games are my type of escapism

Don’t mind me, just building a digital city to escape earth's bad juju

There’s no point denying it—our world is spinning out of control. We can meme through this period all we want, but at some point it gets a little bit apocalyptic. It’s not easy to live in times like these, but we all get by with various hobbies and pursuits. But if you’re looking for a more extra coping mechanism, here’s a list of games where you can live a different life to escape the real one. 


No one is more in control of a world than god and this game provides god-tier level power. You start off presiding over a few followers who are building a civilization from the ground up. Depending on the behavior of your followers and their tribes, you can either help their civilization grow or tear it down to build it anew. You can also wield your godly powers to influence everything that the civilization achieves. It might make you question if we’re really just in a simulation, but hey, it’s fun right?

Get the game here: iOS | Android

Pocket City

If you’ve ever wished for better urban design in your neighborhood, this game will make that come true. Pocket City is a city-building mobile game that allows players to start from scratch and build a megacity bit by bit. The plans and layout of the city largely depend on the player, but the game offers real-world insight on topics like zoning and environmental impact. Prompts will appear if you build a factory too close to a neighborhood and city residents get antsy when there are no recreational venues near their residential areas. If you’re worried about the game getting monotonous, don’t worry—you can zoom in on the city’s residents to monitor crime rate, satisfaction rate and even health rate. It’s like a full-time job, perfect for escaping the one you already have IRL. 

Get the game here: iOS | Android 


Simulation games often give players a choice to create avatars or a representation of themselves in the digital world. BitLife does away with that and instead simulates life through text only. The game is also driven by choices, with each choice setting up the events for the next chapter of your life. You can’t always control the effects of the choices you make in the game (and in real life too, but that’s another discussion) but it’s an enjoyable ride that asserts your agency over your digital life choices. 

Get the game here: iOS | Android


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