Gift Guide For The Man Who Has It All

Christmas comes earlier every year, which means holiday planning comes early, too! Shopping before the holiday season sets in has several advantages – it lets you avoid the rush and traffic and plan out your budget for gifts and groceries.

Planning early also gives you more time to think about the most special things to give to your family and friends – especially those who seem to have it all, like dad! You have already picked out gifts for everyone, but somehow, you just can’t seem to think of the perfect one for your dad. Don’t worry, here are some of our top picks to help you out:

1. Travel bag

Dad likes to stay cool and trendy when he’s out on a trip, and having a travel bag that is big enough for all his clothes and personal items is a must, too! Help him replace his old one with a luggage bag he’s sure to love!

Brand: Kipling

Brand: Victorinox | Available at the SM Store, Travel Club

2. Desk organizer

Dad never seems to get enough of keeping his desk neat and organized. A desk organizer will help him keep all sorts of tools, supplies, and documents nicely arranged and within reach any time he needs them.

Brand: O-Life | Available at National Bookstore

Brand: iDesk | Available at National Bookstore


3. Tool set 

Dad is your go-to handyman, and this handyman needs a go-to tool set. Whether it’s for simple repairs around the house or more complicated ones like patching up a leak in your sink, an all-around tool kit will help him get the job done!

Brand: Stanley | Available at Ace Hardware

4. Sunglasses

Dad loves going out and staying active. A pair of trendy sunglasses will complete his trendy porma and shade his eyes from the harsh sun, too!

Brand: Executive Optical

Brand: Oakley

5. Coffeemaker

Dad is very particular with his coffee. This Christmas, give him a new coffeemaker to make sure he has a cup of hot brewed coffee every morning.

Brand: Thomson Coffee Maker | Available at SM Home

Brand: Delonghi Drip Coffee Maker | Available at SM Home

6. Personal Blender

Dad sometimes likes to make his own juice or protein shakes. This personal blender will let him blend and store his drinks in one go when he’s in a rush!

Brand: 3D | Available at SM Home

Dad seems to never need or want anything. Since he always provides us with the things we want, it’s our turn to give him special gifts this holiday season!

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