7 Perfect Gifts For Your Lolo and Lola This Grandparents Day

September 14, also known as Grandparents’ Day, is fast approaching! You don’t need to worry though as we’ve got the perfect gifts for your grandparents.

Our Lolos and Lolas are simply the best! Their stories of the past era never fail to fascinate us. Thanks to their wisdom, they give the best pieces of advice. Let’s not forget that they will spoil us whenever they can as well!

While there are plenty of ways to show love for your grandparents, one would be giving them the perfect gift. As this could be a guessing game, SM Supermalls has got you covered. Read on to learn more about our 7 gift ideas to make your grandparents feel appreciated!


Personalized Photo Book

A granddaughter giving grandmother photo book for Grandparents Day

Your Lola and Lolo have been around for quite some time. During all those years, they have surely kept and treasured all your family photos. You might even see your parent’s baby books and school pictures in your grandparents’ drawers!

However, this is rarely done by their grandchildren. During their special day, why don’t you give them a nostalgic gift for reminiscing about the good old days?

If you look hard enough around the house, you can showcase their memories and add in their favorite hangout places, best friends, and many more! Try incorporating some photos of them with your whole family as well. This sentimental gift will surely be heartwarming for your grandparents.

Visit Great Image to create the ultimate keepsake of your grandparents’ precious photos. Their Glambooks are thick and make use of a hardcover. Every photo will have that ultra-smooth and shimmery look. It can be customized as well, so you can design it to your liking!


Starbucks Authentic Ground Coffee Beans

If you love coffee, your grandparents definitely love it more! Why wouldn’t they right? It’s the perfect way to start the day.

Give your grandparents the Starbucks Sumatra Dark Roast. The full-bodied coffee’s strong and bold taste makes it a favorite amongst customers! Sourced from the Pacific and Latin America, its herbal notes and earthy aroma make it a good choice for morning coffee.


Bose Home Portable Speaker

Granddaughter and Grandmother Dancing During Grandparents Day

Let’s admit it. Our grandparents are not techy at all. As a grandchild, you might have experienced being asked numerous times to fix their old-fashioned speaker just to enjoy their music.

Bose Speakers for Grandparents Day

Photo Credit: bose | ig

Why not give them the Bose Home Portable Speaker? From now on your Lola and Lolo won’t have trouble turning on their speaker by themselves. It’s super easy to use with the straightforward buttons located at the top of the speaker.

As Bose’s most versatile smart speaker, your grandparents can take it anywhere. It is designed to deliver clear sound in all directions partnered with dynamic bass. The best part about it? Your grandparents can simply play their favorite songs with their built-in voice control.


Matching Home Slippers

Matching Home Slippers for Grandparents Day

Photo credit: @meandushop | ig

Make sure that your grandparents’ feet are always warm and comfy. The Me & U gift shop is a couple-themed retail store found in SM Supermalls.

Check out their aisles and find the Lola & Lolo Couple Bedroom Slippers. These snug slippers are made with padded soft foam so that your grandparents’ feet are comfortable. It has rubber outsoles to avoid any slip accidents as well!


Pandora Charm Bracelet

Pandora Charm Bracelet for Grandparents Day

Why should you get your Lola a Pandora Charm Bracelet? It offers not just a sparkle of beautiful stones and metals on your grandma’s wrist, but a sentimental meaning to it as well. Customize every charm to best represent the memories with your Lola that you want to cherish.

Pandora’s Sparkling Family Tree Dangle Charm and Openwork Family Roots Charm are perfect for your Lola’s very own charm bracelet! This is the perfect gift for all the love she’s wrapped around you throughout the years.


Mango Scarf

A Mango scarf for Grandparents Day

Photo credit: mango | ig

It’s a fact that elders are always cold. As their bodies age, they become more sensitive to colder temperatures. This is what makes a scarf an ideal gift for grandparents.

At home, they can just wear this instantly. When they are traveling, they can carry it around. Mango has a wide variety of high-quality scarves in stores. Choose from all kinds of designs made with different materials like cashmere wool!


A Movie Night

A movie night for Grandparents Day

At the end of the day, your grandparents will surely want to spend more time with you more than anything. Along with all these gift ideas, why don’t you have a movie night with them?

Watch the latest shows about families like Seven Sundays or laugh out loud with your Lolo and Lola with a comedy like Kung Fu Hustle.

Enjoy your streaming with the Samsung QLED 8K! It’s Netflix’s 2020 Recommended TV for a good reason. It lets you enter a new world of resolution that brings a new dimension of reality to your living room. Feel the power of the HD resolution for every scene you watch!


Key Takeaway

When it comes to shopping for a gift for your grandparents, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. #ShopAtSM, we’ve got it all for you!

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