Gift Accessories For Every Kind Of Techie

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Accessories bring so much more to one’s outfit and lifestyle. Now, you can have a plethora of them on your gadgets, too! Gadget accessories nowadays range from stylish statements to functional appendices – and there are even kinds fit for any type of techie. If you’re looking for gift suggestions for any occasion, here is our run-down:

1. For the techie adventurer

Waterproof Smartphone Cases

What’s an adventure without going into the water or getting right into the elements? Having a waterproof smartphone case for your adventure buddy will definitely take his/her travel to another level. There are now a variety of cases meant for the outdoors – protectors, bags, and even cases that can let you take your phone snorkeling or scuba diving with you.

Waterproof smartphone bags

Brand: Lifeproof Available at PowerMac, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, iStudio, Astroplus
Brand: Otterbox Preserver Series Available at Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Icon, iStudio, and Otterbox kiosks


Brand: CDR King

360 camera

Bike, hike, walk, run, jump, swim – capture all your adventures HD on a 360 camera. Playground 360 Cam lets you record 1080p videos at 30 fps in full 360 degrees. Aside from being cheaper than a GoPro, Playground is proudly locally made! Check it out today at SM Cyberzone.

Available at Memoxpress, Infoworx, ADI Gadget World, Edgecom, Odyssey, Megacellular

2. For the gamer

Programmable and customizable mouse and controllers

What’s a gamer without his/her mouse and controller? These may seem like basic gift suggestions for your gamer friend, but he/she will love them just the same – especially when these are top-of-the-line customizable mouse and controllers with buttons he/she can set to different moves, commands, and combos. Check out the latest models at your favorite gadget stores in SM Cyberzone like Asianic, Octagon, Electroworld, PC Superchain, and Datablitz.

Gaming keyboards

Brand: Cideko
Brand: Logitech


Programmable gaming mouse

Brand: Razer


Brand: Roccat

Mobile gaming accessories

The smartphone is also gaining ground as a gaming console. PC and console games like NBA, FIFA, and other RPGs, VS games, and first person games are now all available on the App Store or Play Store. And what’s best with games? Accessories. Today, you can get attachable controllers and foldable keyboards (not just for gaming, but for work, too!).


Brand: Razer
Brand: IPEGA

Bluetooth Keyboard for Smartphone

Brand: CDR King

3. For the music lover

Bluetooth earphones

These wireless and hands-free earphones and headsets have become popular for runners and gym-goers, but will also be well-appreciated by your audiophile friends for a hassle and tangle-free sound trip wherever they go. Whatever your music lover friends’ genre and style is, you’ll find the perfect pair at SM Cyberzone.

Available at Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub

Brand: Philips
Brand: Jaybird

Bluetooth Speakers

These handy dandy speakers will let your music lover techie friend turn his/her sound trip into a party. Even when he/she is not the partying kind, we’re sure he/she will love to hear his/her tunes fill the room. Pick out the best surround sound quality and unique designs at your favorite music and gadget stores at SM Cyberzone.

Available at Astrovision, Digital Walker, JB Music, Beyond the Box, Digital Arena, Odyssey, Switch

Brand: Marshall
Brand: Bose

4. For the techie fashionista

Smartphone Cases

Make a fashion statement with a mobile case! Know your fashionista friend’s style and gift him/her with a unique case design.

Brand: ELECOM Visit the flagship store at SM Megamall

Stylish Headphones

For your fashionista and music lover friends, a unique headphones set will definitely let them rock out in style!

Brand: Coloud Available at Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Astrovision, Electroworld, Octagon, iStore, Power Hub, Odyssey

Smart watch

Smart watches are getting pretty popular with today’s fashionable techies. Now, even stylish fitness buffs can have a fitness tracker and a watch in one! Check out a variety of choices at our whole range of gadget stores in SM Malls.

Brand: Fitbit Available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box

That’s our wrap-up for our gift suggestions for your techie friends – perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, life milestones, and the coming holidays!

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