Hot Gaming Gadgets You Can Get During Cybermonth

Heads up, gaming fans! We’ve got some hot deals for you.

We’re all on the same boat when it comes to the frustrations of working from home and online classes, but don’t worry! SM’s got gaming gadgets that can ease your stress and let you experience different levels of excitement. Here are the gaming gadgets in Cybermonth you can get a hold of this 2020!

This August, all 72 SM Supermalls nationwide will be celebrating Cybermonth. The month-long celebration will feature gadget must-haves and exclusive tech deals. Cyber play events will also be happening. Read on to learn about the different gaming gadgets you can get your hands on!

Nintendo Switch

Ever ended up finding your old Nintendo Game Boy in one of your storage boxes at home? It really gives you that tiny slice of nostalgia, doesn’t it? Until today, Nintendo continually ceases to amaze gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Just three years ago, this top Japanese gaming company launched its hottest game console, the Nintendo Switch. Everyone’s trying to get their hands on this compact console with bestselling games such as Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros., and The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo wants gamers to have a more immersive experience, which is why the Nintendo Switch is equipped with HD Rumble. This creates realistic physical sensations to match what is happening on-screen. You can also control your Nintendo Switch to match your gaming style. Easily detach the screen from its Joy-Cons, flip the stand, and share the fun with your family and friends. Or, pick it up and play it as a tablet with the Joy-Con controllers attached to both sides.

This is the first console where Nintendo combined portable games and home consoles into one gadget. Get your hands on this truly innovative gaming device at SM Supermalls!

PS4 (The Last Of Us Bundle)

Another multinational gaming company from Japan is stepping up its game in creating the hottest gadgets! Sony heard you loud and clear when you said you’ve been waiting too long to rejoin Ellie on her next journey. You can now get the Limited Edition The Last Of Us II Playstation 4 Bundle during SM’s Cybermonth!

In a post-pandemic American setting, play as the main character Ellie and embark on a journey to defeat not only the infected but also those who have wronged her. Team up with new survivor groups to explore unfamiliar environments.

The special bundle features a fully customized matte-finished PS4 Console engraved with Ellie’s iconic tattoo design. Sony certainly paid attention to details with this console. Check out the matching Limited Edition DualShock 4 wireless controller with the custom design of Ellie’s fern tattoo. The game’s logo can also be seen on the touchpad.

Enjoy this thrilling game and make your quarantine days exciting by getting the PS4 The Last of Us bundle at SM Supermalls!

Acer Predator Triton 500 Gaming Laptop

There is no doubt that every gamer needs a high-performance gaming laptop. Check out why the Acer Predator Triton Gaming Laptop is the talk among gaming fans today.

It runs on a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor and GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max-Q. This laptop was crafted by Acer engineers to empower your creativity when it comes to strategizing and eliminating your opponents.

Equipped with the latest high-caliber hardware, it is quite a surprise that this laptop is super lightweight (17.99mm thin and 2.2 kg to be exact). The Triton 500 allows you to play games, whenever, wherever.

Thanks to NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology, speed is also at the core of this laptop with a 300Hz panel monitor. The best part about it? It has a 1ms response time with Acer’s “overdrive mode”. Say goodbye to low-quality gameplay!

Spark envy among your friends and other gamers because this isn’t your typical gaming laptop. The Triton 500’s LED-lit Predator-logo design is one of the many proofs for it.

JBL QuantumONE Headphones

Gamers all need to match their high-performance gaming laptops with none other than high-performance gaming headphones. And it doesn’t get better with the JBL QuantumONE Headphones. Stay snug while actively playing and plug this over-the-ear professional gaming headset into your USB port. The QuantumONE is optimized for PCs, but it also works just fine on other devices.

Have no problem gathering your troops and calling out opponents clearly. With the headphone’s directional microphone and noise-cancellation features, your voice can be zeroed in. Hear every sound with clarity and rest assured that your team will never miss a word when strategizing.

Marathon gaming sessions? No problem! The JBL QuantumONE has a lightweight headband and memory foam cushions to support your ears for hours of endless battle. Tweak your headset settings for a more personalized experience. You can even modify your microphone settings, sound quality, and even the lighting color scheme.

JBL engineers have been researching for years to combine a powerful headset with cutting-edge software. Rise to the top of the ranks and get the ultimate competitive advantage with JBL Quantum gaming headsets.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to the hottest gaming gadgets, try out the Nintendo Switch, PS4 The Last of Us Bundle, The Triton 500’s Predator Laptop, and JBL QuantumONE Headphones. Explore the most thrilling games and score the hottest gaming gadgets as SM Supermalls celebrate Cybermonth this August!

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