Gadgets We’re Totally Excited For This 2020

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As we begin the new decade, we welcome the coolest tech gadgets that continuously innovate and ease the way we live. Take a peek at the gadgets we’re looking forward to this 2020.


Sony Playstation 5

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Image Credit: @playstationde | ig

Rejoice gamers! The upcoming Sony Playstation 5 is targeted to launch late 2020 in time for the holidays. There aren’t a lot of information released about it yet, however it is revealed that it will be compatible with previous PS4 games and VR.


Sony a7S III

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Image Credit: @sony & @sonyalpha| ig

Rumored to come out in the first half of 2020, this much-awaited camera is a follow-up to Sony’s critically praised a7S II. While there are no official announcements yet about the specs and details, most speculations said that it might be capable of 4K video at up to 120fps which is twice the frame rate of any camera right now.


Motorola Razr

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Image Credit: @mkbhd | ig

The newest Motorola Razr is an upgrade of the iconic flip phone from our childhood. Inspired by its predecessor, it’s a pocket-sized flip phone that fits comfortably in your palm or pocket when shut, and flips open to reveal an immersive, full-length touch screen.



Visit Sony and Motorola at SM Supermalls.


Header Image Credit: @playstationhk | ig



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