Dad, stahp! Punny lines and quips from our dads

Admit it. Our dads are naturals when it comes to being frustrated comedians. There are moments of brilliance when the pun is fun and the timing is spot on. But sometimes, the jokes are just so bad that they can put the worst June memes to shame, if your dad isn’t quoting them to you from his Facebook feed already. Sometimes, even if the joke didn’t come from our dads, we could not help but imagine them saying it anyway.

But hey, these jokes make our daddies much more adorable for the effort. Dads seem to have an endless source of quips or have seen much more than we have to come up with awkward rhymes and punchlines. Here are some lines which we found online, from friends, and from our own dads.




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So before you’re scorned by the corny line that your dad keeps bringing into this world and ask him to stop making bad jokes, remember that he made you first (See what I did there?). With love, of course.

Happy Fathers Day!

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