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It has been a hard week. You deserve to stretch your legs, turn on your favorite show, and relax. Leave the world behind and be with the animals of your imagined life, in the jungle of your choosing. Whatever it is that tickles your imagination: the dissection of the human experience, the thrill of suspenseful build-up, or the bombastic flare of machines and those who drive them, cinema has you covered. Cinema has the unique quality of mass appeal, while simultaneously having a conversation with each member of the audience. It’s a congregation of many art forms: sound, picture, literature, and more.

In a word, cinema is fantastic.

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Now, whatever it is that you like watching, your home setup can always be improved.
Brace yourself for home improvements that will make your trips to Narnia, Mordor, or The Emerald City a lot more satisfying.

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1.Great lighting makes a great impression

Cinema lighting sets up the mood and even enhances your movie-viewing experience. Smart LED lights can be dimmed for that date night feel and be brightened enough for reading. Great, right? The best ones even sync to your TV or laptop and replicate the colors on the screen, somewhat extending the screen and boosting your viewing pleasure. From the sea of smart LED lights, are strong contenders like the HUE lights from Philips and Xiaomi Smart LED lights, both available at SM Cyberzone.


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2.Surround yourself with Sound

Nothing transports you right smack in the middle of a movie like surround sound does. A creak coming from the left side, a pin drop from the right, a blast from far beyond –all these directional sounds put you in the middle of any action scene, fateful discovery, and tearful confrontation. Upgrade your home cinema and get transported with speakers from JBL or earphones from BOSE.


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3.Make it Oh-so-Cozy!

No cinema setup is complete without the texture of the seat and the crisp scent of anticipation and excitement as the plot thickens. Get it all at home with a Mi Humidifier and Mosquito Repeller, and a new set of comfy sheets from SM Home that will bring your comfort to a cinematic peak.

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4.Power on your lap

Bringing the cinema home means having to see it in a format that’s smaller than what you’re used to, but technology makes sure your experience doesn’t have to be any less stellar. Get a phenomenal rig from Lenovo and PowerMac that are good for working and entertainment, or if you have a TV at home that you’re no longer using, juice it up with the Mi TV stick, a portable streaming device that turns your TV or monitor into a smart TV. Get your hands on these slick gadgets only at SM Cyberzone.

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5.Pro-Tip: Takeout

Got everything you need? Do you, really? We didn’t think so! Drop by Max’s Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Kimono Ken, or any of your favorite SM food joints after your big trip to SM Cyberzone. There is nothing like a treat after a hard day’s shopping! Got your hands full? Just dial in some grub using SM Take Out and Delivery Viber Community.

The big screen might be out of the question right now, but it’s still great that you can watch your favorites at the comfort of your own home. It’s certainly not the cinema experience you grew up with but come on: this is the century you live in! So live it with free-range access, all you have to do is sit back, stretch your feet, and enjoy the movie.

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