Budget-friendly Gadgets For Your Every Kind of Need

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In the recent years, technology has played a huge part in efficiently improving our lifestyle. From simply communicating with our loved ones to convenient online shopping, we just can’t seem to live without our gadgets. While it’s undeniable how expensive these gadgets can get, we rounded up some tech essentials that will surely get the bang for your bucks.


For your dose of music

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Perfect for audiophiles, MyPhone myM1 (Php 499) and myM2 (Php 599) dual as a  Bluetooth speaker. Dubbed as a music phone, this affordable phone can blast loud music perfect for parties and occasions. In addition, these phones are equipped with camera, flashlight, wireless FM radio, and fake money reader.


For getting that perfect selfie

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Capturing that gorgeous selfie is just one click away with MyPhone MyXi1(Php 2,999). With its 5 MP front-facing camera with Beauty Mode available, there’s no need to edit your photo before posting it. This smartphone is also your stylish tech companion with its eye-catching gradient finishes.


For watching your fave TV shows on-the-go

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Never miss an episode of your favorite TV show again with MyPhone myT6 DTV (Php 2,999). Aside from being an all-around tablet, it is built with digital TV and non-detachable antenna for a more convenient entertainment and viewing experience. You can watch TV anytime and anywhere even without load, data or internet connection.


Visit MyPhone at SM Supermalls. 


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