Need a change of photo? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Here goes another day of endless scrolling online. You’re guilty of this habit until it gets cut with a single post: a friend just changed her profile picture. She gave it all she’s got with a gorgeous shot. How did she do it? Well, it might be a little intimidating to ask so we rounded up some tips to cop your own profile pic aesthetic:

 1. Find your angle.

Study your features in front of a mirror. Tilt your head from side to side, or practice the chin up or chin down technique so you can gauge how elongated should your neck be in the photo. If you’re feeling iffy about showing unflattering marks, a touch of makeup might do wonders.

2. Strike a pose. 

Pretend you’re at a red carpet event or a magazine shoot – it’s all about projection, honey. Having a concept in mind on how you want to brand yourself online would matter. Don’t forget your facial expressions. Should you flash those pearly whites or opt for a ‘smize?’ Playing some tunes while you shoot puts you in the desired mood.

3. Take as many shots as you can!

Don’t worry about it. Kendall Jenner wasn’t built in a day. Getting more frame time allows you to explore lots of profile pic options. Your OPPO F7 captures beauty in so many ways thanks to its 25MP Front Camera, the highest in local smartphones today. The selfie camera has A.I. Beauty Technology 2.0 that easily makes your finest facial features stand out. If you want to go a little EXTRA, choose the Vivid Mode and see colors of your outfit and backdrop come to life without overpowering your pretty face. Also, have fun adding AR stickers to your photo for a lol-worthy selfie. (Remember: post it at your own risk!)

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