4 Best Pens To Make Taking Down Notes WAY More Fun

Do you know that a good pen could potentially improve your grades?

As you start your back to school journey through distance learning this August, every student will be adjusting to the new normal. You’ll most likely be seeing your classmates and teachers through Zoom meetings. When it comes to online classes, having the best pens for taking down notes can make learning WAY more fun.

Hear us out. Sure, everything can be wrapped up with a Microsoft Word document, but nothing beats having quality pens that can facilitate creativity, organization, and productivity. You can simply jot down notes with additional information about how you understand your teacher. Boost your memory and open your notebook to recall your past notes regarding extra tricky lessons.

We’ve rounded up the best pens for jotting down notes this upcoming school year. Get all of these helpful tools from SM Supermalls nationwide!

Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.33mm

Muji is a Japanese megaretailer brand that sells a wide variety of items ranging from household items, apparel, to stationery items. You might see their minimalist stores in SM branches filled with affordable yet high-quality goods. It is also a writing enthusiast’s haven!

The Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen 0.33mm doesn’t come off as a surprise when Muji claims it as their best seller. In terms of design, this ballpoint pen features a cap-type design that’s a signature of Muji. When it comes to function, it is a smooth pen that doesn’t blend that much, which means that you won’t have a problem with flow or consistency. The ink flows easily with little to no pressure, which makes it easier to write notes.

Simply let this pen do the work when your teacher consistently shares facts nonstop during your online classes. You can write briskly because the pen’s 0.33mm tip will make your handwriting look neat and clean no matter what. Don’t worry about smudging the ink with your hands (especially you lefties out there!), this handy tool’s ink dries relatively quickly.

Head to the nearest SM Supermalls to get this at Muji! Look for the section that’s often with people due to this must-have pen.

Pentel EnerGel RTX Ink Pen

When someone says Pentel pens, one might immediately think about fiber-tipped markers. While it is true that this is the brand’s most popular product, they also offer a wide variety of noteworthy writing pens.

The Pentel EnerGel RTX Ink Pen is among the most popular pen options with writing aficionados. Go search between the aisles of National Bookstore and get your hands on these high-quality gel ink pens!

It is equipped with high-performance ink technology that integrates the best qualities of gel liquid for a buttery smooth writing experience. The fast-drying feature makes it possible to have no smears, no smudges, and no globs. In addition to that, the needle tip makes the pen boast intricate writing lines and intensely pigmented ink color.

We understand that you just want a pen that provides the maximum comfort possible. After all, as a student, you’ll be sitting in front of your desk the whole day jotting down everything your teacher says. The Pentel RTX EnerGel Ink Pen has a soft rubber grip so you can comfortably use it for long class hours.

Scribe Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

Looking for a more elegant looking pen? Ever heard of a fountain pen? Fountain pens are classic and unique pens that feature a beautiful metal tip. The tip, also known as the nib, is usually gold or silver colored. To refill the ink, you can open the fountain pen’s cartridge. It certainly doesn’t get more artistic than this.

Scribe is a premier store in the Philippines that sells all things stationery. But the brand takes pride in their wide variety of fountain pens. Among their products is the Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen.

Experience the most fun writing experience with this delightful instrument. This is the perfect beginner fountain pen for students because it features a simple and lightweight design made of plastic resin. You can easily make glorious strokes for long note writing sessions.

Effortlessly glide over the surface of your papers with less pressure. While you’re at it, you can try to develop a more unique writing style by angling the fountain pen.

Drop by their SM Megamall and SM Aura Premier branches to get your very first fountain pen.

Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens, 0.4mm, Assorted Colors Set

Need a set of brightly colored pens to create aesthetic notes? Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens come in 30 assorted colors! Start testing out your strokes because when you head to National Bookstore and purchase this pen set, you’ll definitely start creating the most attractive notes.

The pens feature Stabilo’s signature hexagonal shape, which was originally designed for comfort. It is enclosed with a metal tip that provides durability and the 0.4mm line width offers excellent control and precision while writing. You can write the smallest font sizes and still end up creating the most intricately structured notes.

Having a set of high-quality colored pens will make your class notes organized. You may even find yourself being more motivated to study because of the bright colors.

Key Takeaway

There’s a number of ways to make the most out of distance learning. You can try satisfying your cravings with sweet desserts while answering homework or using the best tech gadgets to ease your e-learning journey. Buying the best pens for taking down notes are also among the things you can do to enhance your experience.

Visit SM Supermalls today and check out brands like Muji, Scribe, and National Bookstore for your writing needs. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on the best pens SM Supermalls offer!

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