7 Helpful Apps for the Surviving Millennial

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Cliché as it may seem, millennials rely on technology and apps almost on a daily basis, which isn’t a bad thing anyway because that’s the general direction society is going nowadays: Digital.

There’s been a lot of technological changes for the portion of the population that’s growing up—the millennials—but the challenges of growing up have remained constant and the same.

Here are a few apps that would help ease you into adulthood


1. Find My Device


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There’s no shame in admitting that your phone has become an extension of yourself so it’s important to always take measures to keep it secure.

Download Find My Device, a phone finder app. This is perfect for android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or a Huawei P30 Pro because it’s optimized for the Android OS.


2. Wally Next


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Being new at earning your own money, cash isn’t quite as dispensable yet.

You have to be smart with your finances by recording all your transactions on Wally Next. The money tracking app is especially useful if you’re trying to save up enough money to buy your dream phone, whether that’s a Xiaomi Mi 9 or Oppo Reno.

Also, a pro tip: Be on the lookout for vouchers, promo codes and student discounts for all your purchases.


3. MyFitnessPal


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One of the cons of everything being so convenient is that you barely need to go out to get things done. Sure, it saves you time and work—millennials are notorious for getting everything delivered to their doorstep—but it also takes a toll on your health.

Millennial or not, we all need to exercise and keep an eye on our nutrition. Monitor what you eat on MyFitnessPal, a calorie counter app that helps you keep track of what you eat and encourages you to burn the excess calories you don’t need.


4. Wunderlist


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You’re always on-the-go and always busy, so you tend to forget some to-dos throughout the day.

Wunderlist is a true wonder for the constantly busy. You can list down your important tasks and reminders and you can set regular notifications to refresh your memory.


5. Zomato


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If you’re not getting food delivered to your doorstep, you’re probably eating out.

Save and get an exclusive discount rate on several restaurants with Zomato. All you have to do is present your app at the restaurant to avail these promos and freebies. Get a promo code from a friend to get a discount on the annual Zomato Gold subscription to get free food and drinks!


6. PayMaya


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When everything is digital and online, it’s good to invest in a PayMaya virtual card.

It works like a debit card that you can use to pay for items you buy online, but on your phone. Anyone with a Philippine mobile number can use PayMaya – not just Smart subscribers. If you already have a PayMaya physical card, just activate your virtual card on the app and you’re good to go!


7. SM Cinema App


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One thing that millennials are big on is movies. If you’re not seeing a movie on opening night then what are you doing?

With the SM Cinema App, you can buy and reserve tickets for any movie in any SM Supermall cinema in the country. It’s exactly like buying from a ticket counter—the app honors vouchers, promos, and even senior citizen discounts—but made more convenient on your phone.


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