6 Moments When Your Gadget Is Your BFF

Face it. We don’t spend as much time with anyone else, or anything else, as we do with our gadgets. Our phones wake us up and lull us to sleep (if it is not keeping us awake). They have our music and keep everyone and everything we love a few taps away.

Our gadgets are now our dependable best friends that are always there to help us with everything that is literally within their power. Here are some moments.

1. Awkward moments 

That creepy guy at the bar won’t leave you alone? Look busy or call a friend (or dad!). If things get ugly, take a snapshot and send to your buddies. At least one of them should come to the rescue, thanks to your phone.

But if you have a Nokia 3310, you should be safe

2. When your crush asks for help or anything random

Why he or she didn’t search on Google is irrelevant. Take a sec to look up the query. Worst case, you’re both lost. Best case, you’re the expert! Either way, you get brownie points for the effort.

3. When #mayforever traffic decides to happen on EDSA (or everywhere for that matter)

What do you do for the next 3-6 hours if you get stuck on the road? Stream your favorite movies and shows or perhaps catch the news on your smartphone. Remember to charge your phone too, for calling nearby friends or relatives if you already need a place to spend the night at.

But if you’re God, then by all means, divide the tide.

4. When your phone becomes your wingman

Or at least, something close. Found someone cute at the coffee shop that is also a Pokestop? Check if she’s playing Pokemon Go and have a chat over lures. Soon enough, you might go on a Pokehunt together.

5. When it reminds you of what you ate at that restaurant 

Got so drunk that you forgot that sinful dish you tried at a new bar? Most likely, your phone knows what you had. Check your phone, and tap your past drunk foodie self’s shoulder for taking photos. Now you know you have to run an extra hour on the treadmill for that sisig-aligue combo.

Or that would do.

6. When you need to record something

From your cute dog who steals your socks down to when you aren’t looking to that accident on the road, the camera on your phone or your small action camera could capture moments when you need it. Now, of course, we want more cute photos than accidents.


Remember, for your BFF gadget to take good care of you, you have to reciprocate the love. Keep your phones connected with a power bank, and invest on a good case for it. So when the going gets tough, your BFF can come in again to save the day.

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