5 gadgets you need to become a legit streamer

You're spending long hours in front of your device anyway, so might as well

Quarantine has inspired a lot of people to do new things at home. Aside from endless TikTok videos, people have also dabbled in streaming on social media. Some friends said that they started streaming out of boredom and because they want a platform where they can play games while talking to friends and meeting new people. I totally get them.

We know that streaming isn’t for everyone. There are people who don’t like putting their face out on the internet while speaking to randos, while others don’t have the resources (i.e. stable internet) to maintain a decent stream. But if you’re prepared to take the leap, here are the gadgets you’ll need.

A mobile streaming must-have

phone recommended for streamer
Oppo A12 from Stormtech

If you want to start out doing mobile streaming, you need to have a smartphone that has enough RAM to handle high-graphic games and streaming software like Streamlabs. You don’t have to be on video as well, so that’s a plus if you’re not comfortable doing it yet. 



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A creative studio

iPad recommended for streamer
Featuring a 10.9 Liquid Retina display with True Tone, the iPad Air from iStudio offers a more comfortable viewing experience

Don’t have a creative suite yet for your stream? It’s no problem because you can use a third-party app and turn your iPad Air into a creative studio.

Ample lighting

Elgato Keylight from iTech

Quality lighting is the secret to making your streaming feed shine. From your facial expressions to the way you celebrate or freak out, your followers would want to see every expression in detail.

Good earphones

earphones recommended for streamer
AirPods 2 from Power Mac

It’s important to have decent headphones or earphones so you can hear your games, and stream alerts. You can also use the built-in mic to communicate with other players and your viewers.

A PC Upgrade

PC rig recommended for streamer
PC Broker has experts who can help build your custom gaming rig

Are you planning to upgrade and get a complete rig for work and gaming purposes? It’s time to get a properly-spec’d PC package with at least 16Gb RAM and a good video card that suits your needs. The advantage of this is that it’ll last longer when it’s taken care of—just make sure you don’t download any harmful software.

PC Broker

PC Broker

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