How did people live before smartphones? It’s a hard question to answer. You wake up to the sound of your Alarm app going off. You fire up Spotify or iTunes while doing your morning rituals, and watch a YouTube video while preparing and eating breakfast. You book a car to get to work through your phone, then text your officemates you’re on the way.

Movie tickets, boarding passes, reward cards: These are just a few things you can store on your phone. Possibly, every activity in your life can be done with your phone’s help. Tracking both your period and the stock market, transferring bank funds, playing your favorite games…your smartphone is more than something you need to use for communication.

So how to make it better? Is it even possible to make your smartphone more advanced than it is?
The answer is yes, with these accessories you can pick up easily, based on your preferences and needs.

1. MA-387-SG Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter, CD-R King

Put away that bulky selfie stick for this. You can take a photo from a distance effortlessly with this small gadget. You can hang it from your keychain for quick photos, plus it comes with a two-way anti-theft function that also comes handy when your slim phone gets buried at the bottom of your bag.

2. CSE-1417 Leather Stick Mobile Phone Case for iPhone7, CD-R King

One of the best ways to maximize your phone is to protect it from fatal drops. Do that with a sleek-looking leather case. Made of soft leather, it feels good in your hand and will make your phone look a bit more stylish. But most importantly, it will protect your phone from dust and helps it be a bit more splash proof.

3. Sonic Gear Pandora 3R Bluetooth Speakers, Asianic

When listening to your favorite playlists while in the shower, wires are the last thing you need. What you need is something that can blast the music loud enough, without the hassle of having to turn the volume all the way up and the phone close to you. Also, when you’re hosting a house party, something like this baby plus your phone can set the mood all night long with the right sounds, no elaborate set-up required.

4. Level On Wireless PRO Headphones, Samsung

During your commute to work, a long-haul flight, or when you just want to zone out, you need a good pair of headphones. Your curated playlists won’t serve you well if you can’t listen to them in private anytime you need to. These headphones are lightweight too so you can just simply take them with you wherever you go. Consider it the perfect partner to your phone.

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