We’ve made a photography cheat sheet that will make your Instagram ultimate


Instagram may well be the best social media app ever, with the feed curation, stories, and stats. As the buzz seems to get stronger by the minute, it wouldn’t hurt to try and improve your feed. After all, social media has leaped from being a platform for personal anecdotes to an actual space where one can grow their network. Ready to improve the ‘gram? Here’s a checklist to consider before your next shoot.

1. Your tool

2. Trusty accessories 

While the criteria for a good photo is often anchored on the mix between composition, color, and story, it also helps to add real-time special effects that you can get with the help of a few accessories. A set of clip lens that includes a Fish Eye, Macro, and Wide Lens can help you control the look of a photo more when using a smart phone.

3. Decide on a theme.

As most curated feeds go, a signature color and feel is important. Flatlays, #ootds, and #foodgrams seamlessly set can be achieved with the right kind of post-processing apps. Download VSCO cam on your Huawei P10 Plus to ensure high-quality photos boosted with color and vibrance.

4. All about the visuals

Take note that high-quality photos are your best friend and that aside from the trusty tools, Instagram is the best way to showcase your visual personality. Take photos of special moments with a smartphone that is perfect on the go. The iPhone 7 Plus takes iPhone photography to the next level with depth of field and optical image stabilization.

Keep these pointers in mind before you click post. Happy ‘gramming! 😉

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