1. LOL… oops?

Mom trying to catch up with the lingo these days and she misuses it. Oops.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM Cyberzone

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2. I love you mom – wait what?

Text speak can be too much for mom, so she’ll probably have you or one of your siblings interpret it for you!

3. That’s fantastic, anak!

When you get a good grade or just have good news to share, it’s always mom who you want to know first. But mom may have a different way with words.

Lenovo A850 SM Cyberzone

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4. Mom, don’t leave!

Has this ever happened to you? Hay nako, mom talaga!

5. Hashtag Cool mom

Sometimes, trying to keep up with the latest in technology can overwhelm our moms.

LG G5 SM Cyberzone

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6. Sassy mommy

And once mom gets a hang of this thing called texting and internet, her real life sass will now show through online.

7. Missing phone?

Have you ever had mom text you because her phone is missing? Or baka naman nasa kamay niya lang. Haha!

Samsung Galaxy J2 Call n’ text

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8. Anak, your phone

Or maybe you’ve had her texting you that you left your phone at home. Oops!

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