With every smartphone comes a selfie. It’s a modern-day portrait we treat as a form of self-expression. Celebrities like Kim K and her fam make it look cool and easy when in reality, it takes a hundred options before we can choose a social media-worthy selfie. No matter how many snaps we take before landing that perfect shot, we’re sure we’ve done these selfie faces before.

1. The Kissy Face

Our Friendster and Myspace days made this selfie face popular. Yes, it’s the same as duck face with your pouty lips as the main attraction. Recreate the timeless kissy face with Huawei P20 Lite so the lighting and shadow can easily be adjusted to complement those fierce cheekbones too!

2. The Iconic Smize

We got it from Tyra Banks! Learning the art of smiling with our eyes brought us one step closer to our Top Model dreams. It’s like owning an Oppo F7 and how its 25MP camera just knows how to capture our Instagrammable selves.

3. The Wacky One

It’s okay if you haven’t been taking your selfies way too seriously. Showing a wacky face lets your fun personality stand out. We’re pretty sure your friends (even your crush) would adore it! After all, you got a Vivo V9. It turns every selfie into a masterpiece with quirky AR stickers to top it all out!

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