1. Research!

What kind of photo do you want to capture? Look up what you’d like to capture and do some fieldwork!

2. Shoot in the morning and late afternoon

Day light will always be your friend! Get the most out of the sunlight by shooting during the morning and late afternoon.

3. Go Natural!

Bad lighting, despite all the edits, will be bad lighting. Snap your photos under natural light for the best quality!

4. Snap lots of photos!

Taking the perfect photo takes some effort. Go ahead and take as many as you can of your subject! One of those photos may be an award winner in the making!

5. Straighten up!

When composing your photo, make sure to follow the rule of thirds and keep things straight!

6. Play with lens!

Feeling adventurous? Play with different lens for your phone or camera! Explore the different effects that lens can give to your photo!

7. Don’t be afraid to tweak it!

Edit your photos as you see fit. But don’t overdo it! Remember: Enhance, not mask!

8. Get a waterproof case!

Planning a trip that involves water? Spare your camera from getting wet with a waterproof case, available at SM!

9. Pack an extra battery!

You won’t be near a socket all the time, so keep an extra battery handy!

10. Practice is always key!

Go out and snap photos to your heart’s content until you find what photo you want to see! Don’t forget to post them online!

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