Your Philippine Food and Restaurant Guide To The Best Dining Spots

What are the best dining spots in Metro Manila?

The urban sprawl of Metro Manila is rife with many surprises. Restaurants are constantly popping in and out, hoping to cater to the gastronomic appetites of every Filipino. Of course, there’s no better way to traverse Metro Manila’s rich food jungle than by consulting a definitive Philippine food and restaurant guide.

From the tastiest Filipino dishes infused with unique ingredients, to simple and honest home-cooked goodness, you would not want to miss out on any of these restaurants.

For Those Craving Filipino Food

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When you think about Filipino food, these three words might pop up in your mind: savory, comforting, and home. We Filipinos are known for some of the most outrageous dishes that would make anyone think twice about taking another bite of that delicious crispy pata. And of course, this Philippine food and restaurant guide doesn’t want to take anything about this experience away from you. Instead, we’d like to take it up a notch further.

Featuring some of the timeless, well-loved Filipino dishes of all time with unconventional pairings that somehow work, check out these Filipino restaurants that are changing the game.

Manam Cafe

Located at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, Manam Cafe retains most of the elements of the other Manam branches, but with some added flair. This is reflected in their sweeter and more breakfast-based menu items.

Catered to the young and the young at heart, Manam Cafe offers all-day sweet treats. Try out their Three Cheese Ensaymada, which bursts with creamy cheese and buttery flavour goodness, as well as their Tsokolate Sticky Roll. Of course, you’ll also still find the most beloved Manam classics. This includes their Sinigang na Short Rib and Watermelon with fall-off-the-bone meat coupled with the sweetness and sourness of watermelon-based broth. Those looking for Filipino comfort food will also not be disappointed by their famous House Crispy Sisig.

Featuring gorgeous interiors and a relaxing ambiance, Manam Cafe is the place to be when you’re looking for a light afternoon treat or a sumptuous dinner with family.


The Filipino restaurant Abe at the SM Mall of Asia is the brainchild of LJC Group founder Larry J. Cruz in honor of his father Emilio “Abe” Aguilar Cruz. While Abe serves many well-beloved Filipino classics, it’s mostly known for its irresistibly-delicious Kapampangan dishes like Klassik Kare Kare, Biringhe, and Sinigang sa Ube.

If you’re craving classic Filipino food with a twist, you should definitely try out Abe’s Lamb Adobo. It has all the rudimentary elements of your typical adobo – garlic and a thick, savory soy-based broth. Instead of your typical pork or chicken, Lamb Adobo makes use of – you guessed it – tender chunks of lamb meat marinated to perfection.

End your visit with a bowl of their Sikreto ni Maria, which features four hearty servings of the classic suman bathed in molten macapuno ice cream.

Sarsa Kitchen+Bar

Similar to the two Filipino restaurants on this list, Sarsa Kitchen+Bar serves classic Filipino food with a more modern take. You’ll find this restaurant strategically located in the North Wing of SM Mall of Asia, inside the Entertainment Hall. It features gorgeous, relaxing interiors.

Try out their Sizzling Kansi and Sarsa Kare-Kare. The first is simply a divine combination of tender beef shanks and creamy sauce, best paired with their fresh fruit shakes. The kare-kare, on the other hand, simply does not disappoint with its golden-brown fried pork belly and hearty sauce to satisfy your appetite.

For Those Looking For A Sushi Fix

Of course, what Philippine food and restaurant guide would be complete without a list of the best sushi places in the country? While you can count on these restaurants to provide you with fresh slices of tuna sashimi or salmon nigiri, you won’t want to miss out on their other exciting flavors.


As you enter the Ooma branch on the third floor of Mega Fashion Hall, you’ll soon realize that it won’t be your typical sushi experience. Ooma is known for outrageously-good sushi plates like their Tempura Soft Shell Crab Maki, Salmon Tartare Aburi Maki, and Spicy Tuna Maki.

You might want to bring a friend or two along for this experience – each bite of their creation is bursting with rich flavors that are utterly irresistible. If you want to try a little bit of everything, get their various maki samplers that are good for up to four people.

Sushi Nori

Sushi Nori makes sushi accessible for those looking for a quick fix of this traditional Japanese dish. Don’t be fooled by the simple stall at SM Aura, Sushi Nori can offer you with one of the better sushi-eating experiences out there at a reasonable price point.

They’re popular for their sushi, temaki, and their “sushiritto” coming in four kinds – basic, deluxe, super, and premium which all depend on the ingredients. You can also get a load of their filling poke bowls featuring only freshly-sliced seafood and vegetables over a bed of steaming white Japanese rice.

Ogetsu Hime

Ogetsu Hime is another underrated sushi restaurant also found in SM Aura Premier. They’re known for their Special Rolls and Makimono that feature unconventional combinations that can make any sushi-lover happy.

Unlike the two sushi restaurants on this guide, Ogetsu Hime offers its customers a chance to try out all of their menu items through their Oget and Enjoy All You Can experience. For just under Php 1,100 you can try out unlimited servings of their bestsellers.

For Those Who Want To Share A Pizza

Pizza is undoubtedly an easy dish to get right. After all, not many things can go wrong with a combination of molten cheese, rich tomato sauce, and a perfectly-baked pie. If you’re tired of ordering cheap and greasy pizzas, you’ll definitely find a breath of fresh air with Cibo, PizzaExpress, and PoundxFlatterie.


The brainchild of Margarita Fores, Cibo seeks to make contemporary Italian dishes available to adventurous eaters and those simply looking for authentic Italian cuisine.

It is known for its flatbread pizzas that you can’t find anywhere else in your go-to pizza place. This exclusivity makes the experience all the more worth it because you can guarantee that you’ll get only the freshest and richest flavors. Other dishes to try include the Spinach Dip Pizza, and Parma Ham Arugula and Tomato Basil.

Catch a slice of this delectable Italian dish in either SM Megamall or SM Aura.


PizzaExpress is a UK-based pizza chain that has successfully made its way to the heart of pizza lovers in the country. They’re known for their novel pizza dishes that feature a spicy twist like their American Hot or Pollo Forza.

The first may unassumingly look like your typical pepperoni pizza, but just one bite of this spicy and savory pie will immediately prove you wrong. Their Pollo Forza, on the other hand, is a delicate balance of creaminess and spice. It includes chicken with arrabbiata, jalapenos, and roasted peppers coupled with a generous serving of parmesan and parsley.

Speed on over to SM Megamall or SM City North EDSA to try these delicious pies.


PoundxFlatterie is Todd English’s way of giving Filipinos the best of both worlds when it comes to their juicy burgers and mouth-watering flatbread pizzas. Anyone looking for familiarity with a hint of inventiveness will likely want to try out a slice of the Bronx Bomber. Instead of being your average pepperoni pizza, Flatterie takes this a step further by topping the pie with perfectly-caramelized onions.

For those looking for a more luxurious pizza experience, the best menu item to try is their Indulgence flatbread pizza. The name says it all – you’ll be indulging in juicy steak slices, truffle oil, and foie gras, all in one extraordinary pizza.

Enjoy your pizza like a king or queen at a branch in SM Mall of Asia or SM Megamall.

For Those Looking For Delicious Dumplings

Our Philippine food and restaurant guide will certainly give love to just some of the best dumpling spots in the city, like Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan. There’s truly no better place to eat the most authentic, handmade dumplings in the country.

Din Tai Fung

You’re probably aware of the craze behind Din Tai Fung – and if you aren’t then you should be because this restaurant has the dumplings to prove it.

Din Tai Fung can be found in SM Megamall and is especially known for its Pork Xiaolongbao. Though it may look like your typical dumpling, your mouth will be greeted with a warm savory broth which perfectly complements this classic Taiwanese dish.

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan is the go-to place for authentic Hong Kong cuisine. It can be found in a number of SM Supermalls. They’re known for their classics, like the Prawn Dumpling, Steamed Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp, Dumpling with Spicy Sauce, and Prawn Dumpling with Shrimp just to name a few. Featuring soft, handmade dumpling wrappers and perfectly cooked protein, you won’t find these anywhere else in the country.

They also have an entire menu list dedicated to some of their most popular deep-fried dishes featuring ingredients like wasabi, beancurd, pork floss, tofu, and chicken.

For Those Needing Comfort Food

Finally, there is no better way to end this Philippine food and restaurant guide than by walking you through two comfort food places in the country.

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

Buffalo’s is the best place for you to get affordable, value-for-your-meal chicken wings and tenders without sacrificing on the taste and quality. They have both savory and hot wings perfect for both spicy wing flavor lovers and the common folk alike. Give their Firehouse Classic, Basil N’ Garlic, Honey BBQ, and Creamy Salted Egg-glazed wings a try, and you’ll be yearning for more.

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things can be found on the lower ground floor of SM City Manila.

8 Cuts Burger Blends

The burger dishes from 8 Cuts Burger Blends are a nice change of pace from the generic fast-food burger. Don’t worry about doubling down on the grease though, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on their burger combinations that also double down on the flavor and experience.

Try out some of their wild combinations, like the Rising Shroom. It features a quarter-pound cut of Steak Cut Blend of sirloin and chuck paired with fried oyster mushroom tempura. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a dollop of white truffle cream cheese and sauteed mushrooms served on a Kaiser Roll.

Dine At the Best Restaurants in this Philippine Food and Restaurant Guide at SM Supermalls!

There is no better way to try out all the restaurants in this Philippine food and restaurant guide than by visiting their respective branches in different SM mall outlets.

SM Supermalls definitely has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you’re simply going out to watch high definition movies in our cinemas, window shopping at the country’s most popular clothing outlets, or simply getting a bite to eat, there is no better one-stop-shop for all.

Want to know more about SM Supermalls? Take a look at SM Shopmag for more information on popular restaurants, the latest technology, and the upcoming 2020 fashion trends in the Philippines. Click here to explore now!

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