You know your sun sign, now meet moon and rising

It's really not that hard, we just need your date, time and location of birth

So, you’ve taken to the internet to know more about your zodiac sign but a flurry of terms greet you and you’re no longer sure what sign you really are. I get it. Zodiac signs and all its houses and planetary bodies are part of the ancient language of astrology. These have been used since time immemorial to determine the course of your life based on the positions of the stars and planets at the very moment you’re born. 

This is called a birth chart and astrology enthusiasts usually ask for the date, time and location of your birth to complete it. Of its many elements, there are three main points that define your chart, which makes answering “what’s your sign?” a bit more complicated.

You already know your sun sign, which in astrology defines your identity or the traits which make up the core of your personality. Virgos are organized, Aries are quick to anger and Libras always avoid confrontation. Like the sun is the center of the solar system, your sun sign is the center of all your other traits, the basic traits that inform your ego.

If your sun sign defines your whole identity, you might be asking yourself why you need the other signs at all. In simple terms, humans are multi-faceted and the different elements of your birth chart represent that. The next two main tenets of one’s birth chart are the moon and rising sign, so if you want to understand yourself a little bit better through the language of the stars, it’s worth it to at least take a look at these two. 

Moon sign

Your moon sign in astrology is related to your private or inner life—similar to the way that moonlight is just the sun’s reflection during nighttime. Your moon sign usually rules over emotions, desires and memories. These are the traits that only the people closest to you see, the traits that emerge when you choose to be vulnerable with someone. It also governs the way you handle emotions like love and fear.

Most water moon signs give everything emotionally to others, they’re not afraid to be influenced by emotions when taking action. Fire moon signs, on the other hand, use their emotions to fuel self-confidence. They love feeling excited, strong and on top of situations. Air moon signs take time to evaluate emotions and assess why they are feeling some type of way and what to do about it. Earth moon signs want to be steady in their emotions so they try very hard not to be caught up in mood swings or impulsive actions. 

Rising sign

Some birth charts tag this as your ascendant, so you might not be familiar with the term rising. In any case, your rising sign can be described as your front door—these are the traits and attitudes that people see first and use to create a first impression of you. It governs all outward-directed actions and can even act as a mask, to hide the truths that your sun and moon sign show. 

Simply put, your rising sign informs the version of yourself you present to others. When you delve more into your rising sign, you’ll be a bit more aware of how you control how others perceive you. Your rising sign also works with your sun sign. When there’s not much difference between the two in terms of traits, attitudes and behaviors, you can be confident that you are becoming more genuine by showing your true self to others.

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