We’re taking these “Bridgerton”-inspired ’fits from the 1800s to our closet

Look royally stunning like the ladies from the hit period drama

The drama- and romance-filled Netflix series “Bridgerton” was a worldwide phenomenon, and you can’t change our mind. After all, the show’s viewership surpassed the 82-million count upon its release so that it now officially holds the “most-watched drama” title on the streaming platform. 

As an avid watcher already waiting for its second season, I found myself attracted to this series because of its fashion, among other things. Puffy gowns, elaborate designs, lavish laces and silks, bejeweled OOTDs and fancy accessories are style elements that never go missing in period dramas, especially ones that are set in 19th-century Regency England. And while watching Daphne and the Duke of Hastings’s story unfold, we can’t help but gawk at the elegant clothes being paraded around and take some fashion notes for future use.

Apparently, all “Bridgerton” costumes were custom-made, so scoring the exact wardrobe pieces from the show is out of the question. But, this also gives us more reasons to explore and play around with how we can incorporate the 19th-century fashion pieces into our modern-day OOTDs. So without further ado, here are some “Bridgerton”-inspired ’fits that we’re definitely adding to our wardrobe.

Feel like royalty with flowy lace 

If there’s one thing never missing from aristocratic Regency era fashion, it’s the use of lace in almost every clothing piece. Just ask Queen Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette, who are among the royals known for their lace-trimmed outfits. While dressing yourself up with lace from head to toe would have been a huge show of wealth and power in the 1800s, the current era calls for subtler and more balanced incorporation of the fabric in your attire. 

A flowy lace dress with simple accessories or outerwear is your best bet, but a get-up consisting of a lace blouse with dress pants or denim skirts will also do. If you’re truly going for a heavy Daphne Bridgerton fashion reference, we say go for pastel shades—especially baby blue, which is her family’s signature color

Sweep ’em off their feet with maxi skirts

What’s 19th-century fashion without scene-stealing and stylish floor-length pieces? While elaborate gowns are often reserved for grand events like weddings and debutante balls nowadays, you can still cop their toned-down relative: the maxi skirt

Give your sleeves a puff

Most dresses from the 1800s are characterized by huge puff sleeves, and the style has received many reimaginations over the years. Variations that still stick to the style’s original oversized look can be spotted in couture fashion and runways, but modern, day-to-day pieces have toned it down a little to look less overwhelming. 

Go royally wild with brocade 

Hahaha, yes we hear you making that “Are you wearing your curtains?” joke—but you can’t take away the fact that high society women adored brocades in the 19th century. Now often associated with antiques, brocade fabric is known for its ornately and intricately embroidered or embossed designs. 

The comeback of empire-waist dresses

Before there were high-waisted jeans and skirts, the Regency royalties had empire-waist dresses. This style is known for making its wearer look taller, as its flowy skirt section starts from under the bust line instead of the regular waistline. Thin ribbons usually cinch the divide between the dress’ bodice and skirt to further highlight the style, and modern-day belles will probably love to wear it in the form of sundresses.

Header photo by Carolyn Jones from Pexels

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