We’re bringing K-Pop training from the studios to our home

Here's how you turn yourself into a K-Pop star beyond the outfits and the makeup

Every K-Pop stan knows how rigorous and demanding the training process is for aspiring idols. After being scouted or passing auditions, most idol wannabes spend years honing their skills as “trainees” before debuting. If you’re lucky, you can debut in two to four months like NCT’s Chenle and Exo’s Baekhyun and Chen. But even the most talented stars we know now, like G-Dragon and Twice’s Jihyo, took approximately a decade before they could go onstage as idols.

Not all of us have the (tremendous) amount of commitment, passion, patience and determination needed to put ourselves through that process. But that doesn’t mean dressing up like our biases or copying their hair and makeup are the closest we’ll ever get to being idols. Beyond beauty and fashion, here are ways you can live the K-Pop idol lifestyle at home—no agency required!

Practice your musical skills

Good music is the first factor that draws fans to K-Pop, and you can’t make good music if you can’t sing or rap well. Aspiring K-Pop idols diligently study and practice proper vocal techniques so that it comes naturally to them when performing, and it takes a whole lot more than a karaoke session in the shower to master things like breathing correctly and maintaining the right pitch. You can also use your phone to record yourself while singing so that you can easily pinpoint which areas you need to improve on.

Bands are also popular in the Korean music scene, with CNBlue and Day6 as prime examples. If singing or rapping aren’t your forte, you can try mastering instruments like the guitar, bass, keyboard or drums to feel like a K-Pop star instead. 

Stay in tip-top shape

Aside from their passion and talent, we admire K-Pop idols for their discipline when it comes to taking care of their bodies. Staying healthy is important especially during comebacks, in which falling sick and potentially sitting out promotional activities are a no-no. That’s why most of them maintain workout regimens, which they religiously do even when touring the world.

There are a lot of workout videos you can follow online, but if you want to exercise exactly like a K-Pop idol, stars like Wonho, Mamamoo’s Solar, Blackpink’s Rosé and Got7’s Jackson have personally shared tutorials on how to stay fit like them, too.  

Do dance workouts

Like singing, dancing is an important element of K-Pop. It’s one of the factors that make idol performances stand out from other global artists, and that’s why they spend a lot of time rehearsing and perfecting their moves before going onstage. Dancing is an effective way to stay physically fit as well. It helps boost cardio endurance, muscle durability and flexibility, making it a good substitute for gym-type workouts. Watch your biases’ dance practice videos and follow their moves, or look for step-by-step dance tutorial clips online. 

Eat a balanced diet

Speaking of staying physically fit, idols are also known for being strict with the food they consume. Diet plans these days aren’t as extreme as before, when some stars used to eat just one meal per day. Instead, idols make sure to balance their greens, proteins and carbs for every meal. They often swap red meat (goodbye, steak) for white meat like chicken breast and seafood. Brown rice, bread and boiled eggs are also commonly found in their meal plans. Of course, vegetables are a must.

Stay loyal to a skincare routine

Clear, silky and poreless skin are a shared trait among K-Pop idols, and they don’t just achieve it magically. Once their daily celeb duties end, they wash off their makeup and proceed with a skincare routine that usually includes products like serum, ampoule, moisturizer and sheet masks. Make sure to follow every step every day, no matter how tired or sleepy you are.

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Header Photo by Sound On from Pexels

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